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Things You Need to Know About Absence Management Programs Absence Management Programs are used in controlling the absences of the employees due to illnesses or injury. The main task of the Absence Management Program is lessen the unscheduled, unexplained and excessive absenteeism. There would be Some of these management programs that cover broad topics of absences, often referred to Total Absence Management, while other programs focus on a narrower scope of absences, often called as the Day One Absence Management. Dealing with absences that are caused by sickness or accidents are called Casual Absence Management and this plays an important role in both types of programs. Definitions: Before you discuss the absence management program you should be able to know and understand the goal and meaning of the program.
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Below are definitions you could review and would be helpful since it could be applied in this field:
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Disability Programs: The disability program are narrower in scope than the absence management program. This program focuses in reducing the cost of the impact of disability and to provide ways on how to promote recovery so they could go back to work. Health and Productivity Management: The health and productivity management can be defined as the program that focuses on all aspects that would be related to the health of the employee that affects their attendance and work performance. Behavioral Risk Integration: Employers use the behavioral risk management as part of the absence management program so they could check if the employers have psycho social issues that can cause absenteeism. Workplace Wellness Programs: This is the program that is focused on improving the health of employees The activities that are included in this program are medical screenings, health fairs, health coaching, newsletters, health education, weight management, on site fitness centers and other wellness programs. Absences are very costly for a business that is why employees are very important. A lot of employers are now more proactive with the absence management program They are also focused on implementing the workplace wellness programs so they could help in making their employees healthy and fit. There are still a lot of employers who does not know about absence related challenges. Ways on how you could manage Absences: First step in managing absences would be to collect information then evaluate the situation. When the problem is identified, you could now plan what management program should you pursue. When the chosen program is already in place then you must make sure to record every activity so you would know if the program is effective. This is helpful since it could show you if you need to make adjustments or just change the whole program.