What Is Technology?

We reside in a very sophisticated globe exactly where every thing is practically achievable. In the same way, it really is extremely convenient to insist that individuals who ask challenging concerns about the way that modern science has whored itself out to financial and political interests, or who have noticed gaps between the claims about reality produced by the voices of the scientific mainstream and their own lived expertise of the planet, just hate science.

The habit of insisting that science is a single package, take it or leave it, is paralleled by the equivalent and equally specious insistence that there is this single factor known as technologies,” that objecting to any single component of that alleged unity amounts to rejecting all of it, and that you happen to be not allowed to pick and decide on amongst technologies—you have to take all of it or reject it all.

It really is just as feasible, of course, for something that would nonetheless have ample utility to cost as well considerably in terms of genuine wealth to be an alternative in a contracting society, and slide across the border into category C. Ultimately, it is possible for one thing to do each at once—to turn out to be useless and unaffordable at some thing like the very same time, as economic contraction takes away the capability to pay for the technology and the potential to make use of it at the identical time.

The bottlenecks, as already recommended, do not have to be technological in nature—a bottleneck technologies vital to a provided technological suite can be perfectly feasible, and nevertheless out of reach for other reasons—but whatever generates them, they throw a wild card into the process of technological decline that shapes the last years of a civilization on its way out, and the initial couple of centuries of the dark age that follows.

As soon as you commence figuring out which technologies go to the bottleneck box, and things like oil drilling/refining, electrical energy production/distribution, container shipping and soil fertility management commence coming up, you comprehend how fragile our whole technique is. Interlinked bottlenecks can generate quite massive holes on the technologies landscape.