What Is Technology (2)

I think that this is an critical question to ask, given that as this post is getting written, the nation of Bolivia is about to pass a law that intends to give Mother Nature equal rights as humans as a signifies of limiting our use of technology. Technology is completely not ruining society, even though it is understandable why individuals think that it is. Whilst technology seems to make individuals far more introverted and independent, it in fact just enables men and women to interact with each and every other in distinct approaches. But technologies is only going to advance, so folks will always have more and a lot more details at their fingertips. Technology as a complete has enabled men and women to achieve requested data at speeds more rapidly than ever. Becoming the generation that is surrounded by technologies is an arduous process to steer away from.

While I agree that technologies has some negatives, such as thousands of men and women getting killed every single year due to texting, calling, or becoming absorbed in their technologies while driving, the positives outweigh these negatives. I fully agree with what Victoria is saying about technologies becoming both beneficial and damaging. All in all, we both agree that the advantages and downfalls of technologies all rely on how it is employed and what it is utilized for. Technologies all round is not damaging for society: in fact, in many techniques it improves society.

Also, advances in healthcare technologies have allowed for individuals to live longer and happier lives, and for many diseases to be cured or otherwise treated better than they were in the past. Although technologies may possibly look to be unfavorable due to the fact folks are spending far more of their time making use of it, this is not the case: technologies is, in reality, quite beneficial for society. While technology does make information far more readily offered, it also makes us a lot more dependent on it and screw you citizen activism lol. There was no kind of technology in 1972 that produced distracted driving, however there had been roughly 20,000 far more deaths in 1972 than 2012.

Technology is portion of society and usually will be so men and women do not want to know what life would be like without cell phones or cars simply because they will never expertise life with out cell phones or vehicles. Despite the fact that one particular may possibly see parents making use of technologies as a substitute for actual parenting, this is not at the fault of fast growth in technoology. Futhermore, although browsing the App Store or any other resource for apps, one observes the a variety of educationally oriented apps that could be utilised as a primitive type of education for a kid not but in some sort of formal education program.

Overall, the assumptions based on your observations have been noted throughout history, and altering technologies has just changed the sources through which individuals absorb their interest. I disagree with your idea that technology enabling humans not to have to remember issues is a bad point simply because if humans no longer have this burden then can concentrate far more on learning how to apply and use this info. Her point that technologies is comforting to these with such disabilities like dyslexia illustrates that technologies shapes a youngster into being more confident.