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Variation of Barcode Scanners and Their Specific Uses to Everyday Living Barcodes are very essential to all types of industry and organization regardless of their size. Barcodes are very vital to product information even though they look very simple as strips and spaces with black and white color. In order to decode these barcodes, a scanner is needed. Decoding the barcode into readable text is easily achieved with the use of these barcode scanners and its really a fast process by just a speed of milliseconds. Barcode scanners are few of the most in demand tools in today’s world. They are used by different industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, education and field service which in return resulted to a variation of this barcode scanner.
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In order to determine a barcode scanner form other variety, you will have to check on their scanning technologies and form factor. The difference on the main form factors is measured in the amount of how much operator manipulation is required. Handheld scanners, pen or wand-style scanner and fixed-mount scanners are under the scanning technology wherein handheld vary the most. Other scanners include CCD or the linear imagers. CCD or the area imagers, laser scanners and omnidirectional that are all chosen based on the requirements and application. Wand Barcode Scanners For a wand or pen-style barcode to be used, it should swiped onto the barcode but make sure that there is a particular angle in swiping as well as the consistency of your speed. This is a very durable scanner and small in size and it is considered to be less efficient but costs less, too. Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners This type of scanner can read the barcodes once they pass in front of its scanner. You can use this type of scanner in work-in-progress and high-speed sorting. For security identification, kiosk applications or laboratory, smaller models come in handy and useful. This scanner has a laser scan engine and at the same time, this is very common to automation systems and equipment. Linear Imager Barcode Scanners This is popularly known as CCD, CCD LR and full array imagers. A distance of two feet to this scanner will give you the reading for the barcode and this is more durable than laser scanner. Laser Barcode Scanners The most popular of all scanners is this laser scanner that can also give you precision. Omnidirectional Barcode Scanners The omnidirectional barcode is the one being used by retail shops to scan and bill the items you bought. 2D Barcode Scanners This type of scanner can scan any 1D, 2D or linear barcodes. This is a type of investment that will surely be gaining in the future. This scanner also utilizes camera technology and software to read the barcodes.