Wait, What? A Future Technology Forum

Technology of the future is going to bring bionics crashing into society, drastically altering day to day life. Even so, perhaps the most iconic Star Trek technology that later became a reality is the handheld communicator. Interestingly, the first two Star Trek theatrical releases — Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan — depicted the films’ characters using wrist-worn communicators rather of the classic handheld devices employed on the original television series. Not surprisingly for a film that revolves around time travel, Back to the Future Element II depicts several futuristic technologies.

While Cooper’s 1st cell telephone was a brick” that bore small resemblance to the handheld communicator observed in the clip above, the flip phone” design that was later used by various mobile telephone makers appears to be straight inspired by Star Trek’s iconic devices. An additional real technology predicted by Back to the Future Part II is the smart eyewear that Marty McFly’s young children are employing in the film. Nonetheless, amid all the Martian mayhem, there is also a scene that depicts a technology that is at the moment being developed by Google: driverless vehicles. Netflix shows what that looks like, and why — for now — Amazon owns such a large piece of that future.

However, we give props to Total Recall for giving a relatively early portrayal of what may possibly a single day turn into a extensively used technology. After once more, a Philip K. Dick short story was the supply material for a film that portrayed several fictional technologies that have considering that grow to be reality, like facial recognition software program, customized advertising, and psychics who predict future crimes. What you can not deny nevertheless, is just how close these things are bringing us to bionic technology.

The user interface seen in Minority Report also foreshadowed motion sensing input devices like Microsoft’s Kinect system. Hunt talked about Netflix’s longstanding use of Amazon Net Services , the industry and technologies leader in cloud services. Netflix initially stated it would shut down its last datacenter in 2014, and then again this past summer time , but the future occasionally comes a small slower than anticipated. This indicates the next decade is going to be even much more breathtaking and, beyond 2020 we can only start to envision.

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