Vocational Solutions For The Disabled

Assistive TechnologyIndividuals with disabilities often have difficulty acquiring competitive employment due to the nature of their disabilities. A ‘Computers for Literacy Program’ focussing on reading skill acquisition paired with the use of assistive personal computer technologies such as Kurzweil, Word Cue and Inspiration had been helping him because halfway through Grade 4. My middle son has 1 received further programming to feed his intellectual giftedness whilst my oldest son has received assistive technology and plan support which is contributing to his good results at college. Screen shot from ‘Inspiration’, a program employed as assistive technology for numerous learning disabled young children and teens.

Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, or item method, no matter whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is employed to increase, keep or enhance functional capabilities of people with disabilities. Basically stated, assistive technology includes tools, devices and resources employed by men and women with disabilities to assist increase their high quality of life and enhance their independence. That allays some of my fears now about the state of technology and privacy issues.Assistive Technology

Its contents are solely the duty of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the U.S. Department of Overall health and Human Solutions. The site supports QIAT’s mission of guiding the improvement and delivery of top quality assistive technology services by providing the QIAT Community with a gateway to resources. CAST Expert Publishing announced the publication of a print version of Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology: A Extensive Guide to AT Services, with an EPUB version to reach the market place soon.Assistive Technology

From providing support with reading despite a visual impairment, to maintaining the deaf included in a group conversation, to assisting individuals with shaky hands have a meal independently, right here are 10 assistive technologies that are helping the disabled get assistance when and where they need it. Dot is a practical remedy that is far more affordable than standard e-Braille devices which may cost thousands, but nonetheless functions nicely for the blind.

Assistive Technology assists men and women with disabilities live, perform, understand and play as independently as feasible. Thanks to assistive technology (AT), opportunities for improving communication and relationships are expanding for kids with social/emotional challenges. There are thousands of devices and applications (apps) created to aid communication, teach life skills, improve academic and social understanding, and reduce frustrations that can lead to destructive behaviors. A new program for folks eligible for private care via DDA or Home & Community Solutions (HCS).