Utah Assistive Technology Program

Verify out UATP’s training videos archive on a selection of assistive technology subjects from location experts. With much more than four,000 establishing technologies that allow persons with disabilities to live far more productive, independent and fulfilling lives, this academic discipline has emerged to give human services professionals with a variety of expertise and theoretical expertise to make sure that assistive technology (AT) customers are in a position to access and benefit completely from advances in the field.

As the initial master’s degree of its kind in Southern California, CSUN’s ATHS system prepares students to synthesize the interconnections in between human and technological factors, explain and interpret product design and style and function, assess AT users’ needs, interpret the legal and political history of assistive technology, and create relevant delivery protocols.

The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC) of DRNJ is the implementing agency authorized by the Assistive Technology Act of 2004 (AT Act) to give enhanced access to assistive technology merchandise and services on a comprehensive, statewide basis by way of a technique of device loan, demonstration, equipment reuse, instruction and technical assistance, and public awareness activities.

The 2015 Adirondack Assistive Technology Expo will be sponsored by Clarkson University’s Department of Occupational Therapy on October 26 and 27 at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, N.Y. Above, Clarkson University Director of Occupational Therapy Rondalyn V. Whitney, right, works with Gavin Thompson to develop his muscle constructing expertise, hand-eye coordination and social capabilities via occupational therapy.

The experiment, reported right now in Nature Medicine , was the newest from a team testing a neural system called BrainGate2 While this implant is only approved for experiments right now, researchers say this demonstration proves that such technology can be actually helpful to quadriplegics, and points the way toward normal at-home use.