Understanding About CNC Lathes

Friends, this time I will review the definition of cnc lathes as well as matters related to the full and complete, you can also read my article on cnc machine, well, let me explain about this.


Understanding CNC Lathes

CNC Lathes is one kind of machine tools used for cutting process of the workpiece is done by making an incision in the workpiece where the chisel driven translational and parallel to the axis of the rotating workpiece.

CNC Lathes are machine tools which has the largest population in the world than any other machine tools such as machining Freis, drill, planner and other machine tools.

Working Principle CNC Lathes

CNC Lathes working principle is to eliminate part of the workpiece to obtain a certain form in which the workpiece is rotated at a certain speed along with doing the feeds by chisel driven translational parallel to the spin axis of the workpiece. Rotary movement of the workpiece relative called cut motion and translational motion of the chisel called a feed motion (feeding).

CNC Lathes Parts

CNC Lathes basically consists of several main components include:

  1. Engine Table
  2. Headstock
  3. Tailstock
  4. Compound Slide
  5. Across Slide
  6. Tool Post
  7. Leadscrew
  8. And Many Others

The following figure are shown the names of common parts or components of CNC Lathes:


The function of each part of the lathe is as follows:

  1. Tailstock to hold or support the workpiece on the end opposite the chuck in the machining process in a lathe.
  2. Lead crew is long threaded shaft that is located slightly below and parallel to the bench, extending from head to tail remains fixed. Connected with the gear on the fixed head and rotation can be reversed. Mounted to the (carriage) and used as a steering to create a threaded screw only and can be removed when not in use.
  3. Feedrod located under the steering screw that serves to channel the power of fast converter box (quick change box) to move the apron mechanism in the transverse or longitudinal direction.
  4. Carriage consists of a sled, chisel holder and apron. Strong construction is due to be supporting and directing the cutting chisel. Equipped with two cross slides to direct the chisel in the transverse direction. Spindles on controlling the movement of the chisel holder and spindle top to move the carrier along the runway.
  5. Toolpost used as a place holder lathe chisel, using a chisel holder.
  6. Headstock is where lay the transmission of motion on a lathe that regulates rotation needed in the process of turning.