Unboxing and Testing WEISTEK 3D Printer

The need to print no longer just on paper. Advances in technology can realize what is in your imagination into a more tangible form and can be felt by touch. The presence of 3D printers answer the needs will print a digital design into a real product. 3D printer is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital design into a 3D shape that is not only visible but also held and has volume. Check my new WEISTEK 3D Printer unboxing videos below.

3D printer is achieved by using an additive process, in which an object is created by laying successive layers of material. 3D printing is a different process than traditional machining techniques (subtractive process) is largely dependent on the removal of material by drilling, cutting and others.

WEISTEK 3D Printer
WEISTEK 3D Printer

In contrast to the conventional technology. To create an object, it takes a long and complicated process to make the first molding tool (mold, die, cast). This of course requires investment mold less economical if only to make one object. 3D printer is a new technology that is outstanding. While we have not finished admiring printer products 2 dimensions which may result in great image quality or can produce works of two dimensional unique like sticker, DTG Printer for garment and so forth, then some great engineer in this world has been able to create printer which can print the object or objects in 3 dimensional view, do not bother again with X Axis , Y Axis, anymore, full auto and great. Of the resin made up of metal stainless steel. Amazing isn’t !

WEISTEK 3D Printer
WEISTEK 3D Printer

Production Process Using 3D Printer

I am visiting my old friend who Manufacturer Of The Printer, he said 3D Printing is a technology forming a solid three dimensional object that comes from digital files. The object is built layer by layer to form a perfect object using a particular material. In contrast to technologies such as the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) that substractive manufacturing, 3D printing adheres additive manufacturing technology in which objects awakened by forming a layer by layer material, instead of dumped materials such as laser cutting / milling machine. There are a number of 3D Printing technology in the world, each has advantages and disadvantages. On machines that are very advanced, object dimensions are formed can be very large and has a very high resolution as well. But is directly proportional to the price for the process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Printers

Believe me, i have Unwrap The Machine and test it with my another printer, so the conclusions is

  1. Time to create fast
  2. The workmanship is quite easy
  3. Can create complex shapes
  4. The size of objects that can be made is limited
  5. Strength of the material is still low, especially plastic
  6. Resolution and accuracy are lower than CNC machines