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Do More Awesome Things on Your Android Phone by Learning Some Android Tricks Android phones and tablets are a lot more customizable than other gadgets which is some pretty big news for a user like you. But knowledge of the basics is needed for you to be able to get started customizing. In this article, you will be provided a few number of Android tips and tricks. Before proceeding, it is essential to emphasize that Android phones and tablets are running on different operation systems. The discussion in this article will be focused on the Android 4.0 operation system. If you have a different operation system for your Android, then you are likely to find some differences from what you will read right here. With Android devices, there are three basic finger movements. These are press and hold, double tap and tap. When you say tap, that is quickly touching a button, icon or word with the finger. Double tap refers to quickly touching a word, button, icon or any other twice. Press and hold refers to the act of pressing and holding the finger on an item on the device for two seconds. Most of the newer Android phones do come with three buttons on the bottom part of the phone. There are older versions of Android phones which do have four buttons. In some phones, these are physical and raised buttons. But in the latest versions of Android devices, they are spots of the black bottom bezel having icon marks. They are usually called as soft buttons.
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Unlocking the Phone With Your Face
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The Android operating system do come with a number of great features. One is that you can turn the phone unlocked using your face only. To do this, you have to place the phone in front of your face. Nevertheless, there is a need for you to set up this capability first. The first place to go is Settings and then next is Security. By following the provided instructions accurately, you can set up the feature without needing to wait for a long time. But in the case where the feature does not work, like when the phone does not recognize you, you can set up a pin number in order to unlock your phone. With most users, however, the feature works without issues. Things You Can Do When the Phone Is Locked Even when your Android phone is locked, there are some activities that you can do with. One is the ability to make use of your music player and play the songs that you want to hear. The other is accessing your camera to take pictures. You can also check your SMS even when your device is locked.