The Coolest Tech Gadgets For Teachers

I wrote this for my students (after Tamara Kelly and I facilitated a session on student devices in the classroom at the Western Conference on Science Education 2015 ) and am sharing it here, in hopes it might be of interest/use to other people! When I am talking about Flipped Learning in this post I am referring to the method by which teachers develop videos (or uncover other videos on the internet) and assign students to watch them at home, thereby freeing up time in the classroom to go deeper with the content since the students have the content understanding from the videos.

The two requirements and efficiency indicators of the National Education Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) that I plan to focus on in order to implement my GAME program are facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity, and engage in professional growth and leadership” (International Society for Technologies in Education, 2008).

According to her, a GAME program stands for Targets – producing a lesson program, Taking Action – teaching the lesson plans, Monitoring – monitoring student’s studying, and lastly, Evaluate – evaluating student’s progress (Laureate Education, Inc.). Integrating technology into the classroom is vital for the digital learners who are exposed to technologies correct from the day they are born.

Getting capable to reach the several various studying types that are out there is particularly essential and making use of technologies can help teachers do so. By supplying equal opportunities for all students to be in a position to access the digital globe, teachers are carrying out their element to make positive all their students are receiving the education they deserve in the greatest way possible.

A single of the intentions is to inspire, strengthen and empower communication amongst researchers in the area, as effectively as across all European nations and worldwide, with the analysis findings being a bridge among theoretical ideas and practice, supplying practitioners with the opportunity to investigate their personal operate themselves, as a result acquiring closer to the model of reflective practitioners.