Technological Dystopia

Now-a-days, the sheer manner in which so a lot of papers are churned out it seems that a lot of papers are observed to be written, not written to be observed. As a result, the two preconditions Schumacher laid down for the profitable improve of production in developing nations had been the deliberate development of an intermediate technology and a localized method to improvement. Properly, practically seventeen years after Fritz Schumacher and I and a handful of of our buddies formed the Intermediate Technologies Development Group, I will give you a bird’s-eye view of where the movement stands overseas. In our personal Group we recently opened a unit called Appropriate Technologies in the United Kingdom.

Now in 1982, The Intermediate Technology Group employs more than sixty folks, forty of whom are engineers competent in various technologies that have to do with agriculture, constructing components, power supplies, and a wide variety of manufacturing. In the creating countries themselves—in Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, and Indonesia—there is now a network of organizations working on acceptable technology (the equivalent of Schumacher’s term intermediate technologies).

They conform to our definition of appropriate technologies because they are small scale, basic, capital saving alternatively of labor saving, and nonviolent towards individuals and the environment. This adjust has come about more than the previous ten years, and I feel we have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that as far as the technologies itself is concerned, it can be adapted to make items tiny, effective, and human scale.

But the Intermediate Technology Group has told them to save power and to save capital, and the result has been some of the most exciting and in some circumstances the most elegant pieces of machinery one could imagine. What it genuinely comes down to in the rich countries is that for human motives, for environmental motives, and for resource factors our industrial and agricultural technologies is no longer sustainable.

There is yet another group that is fairly outstanding: the Save the Young children Federation, which has dozens of neighborhood improvement projects in different parts of the world and is increasingly integrating suitable technologies into the activities of their field operations. If we turn to the atmosphere and sources, every day brings forth new proof of the extent to which we are rendering the planet significantly less and significantly less habitable by means of big-scale technologies of one type or one more, particularly in the fields of energy and agriculture.