Digital Kindergarten

Students love experiencing the chance to be in areas without boundaries. In a single of the resources it states that, Technology makes it possible to pace lessons appropriately for each and every student’s finding out level and can be utilised to market studying in numerous intelligences” (The Apple, 2011). Finding out about UDL, DI and technology integration has created me far more conscious of what I teach, and specifically the approach that is applied to teach the students.

This is not a difficult or time-consuming procedure, and I need to have to make a conscious effort to integrate technologies with universal design and style for studying and differentiated instruction to make a distinction in my classroom. Retrieved from the Walden University Library employing the Education Investigation Full database. Students finish their KWHL chart and write about ‘what they have learned’ about their study topic.

While performing my analysis on UDL I was pleasantly surprised that I already incorporate a few of the UDL strategies into my classroom, but I have to be more conscious, and make an effort to use UDL in my classroom as much as feasible. It is not difficult, we all just have to make a ‘few’ modifications in our teaching to suit the diverse learners in our classroom. Click on Totally free Technology Tool Kit to get information on how to get cost-free resources that you can use with your students. Then they created a digital story, and posted their experience on the classroom weblog.

If you are interested in exploring more choices on UDL, right here is an excellent wiki by Karen Janowski, (who is an assistive & educational Technology Consultant in Massachusetts), and in her wiki, she outlines all the ‘ Totally free ‘ resources teachers can use in their classroom. Integrating technologies into instruction as nicely as problem-primarily based learning, social networking, online collaboration, and digital storytelling is crucial for teachers.

Students function collaboratively and research the question and talk to a individual in the municipal developing by employing a social networking tool, Sykpe. Students used technology to collect all their info through World wide web analysis (on figurative language), talked to their peers about their involvement in their community, and proceeded to create a paragraph utilizing figurative language. The lesson program also requirements to be modified to incorporate technologies with the assessments. Technology does help foster studying and it tends to make the lessons exciting for both teachers and students. They have to show analysis to prove an answer to a query they have about a topic.… Read the rest