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TurningPoint is an audience response program (ARS) that integrates with Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Utilizing a TurningPoint audience response technique, your PowerPoint presentations turn into effective information collection and assessment tools that gather true-time audience responses and drastically enhance productivity and final results for your organization or educational organization. Turning Technologies NXT clickers have been selected to replace the existing eInstruction PRS clickers beginning for Fall 2012. See the Recommendation (pdf) for far more background on the selection of Turning Technologies.

Representatives from Turning Technologies will be on campus on May 15 for three reside demonstrations of the most recent software program and attributes All faculty who have utilized clickers in the past or want to understand a lot more are encouraged to attend. Although Turning Technologies remains the recognized top provider of response systems , this acquisition is estimated to give the business the majority market place share across all major market segments. Turning Technologies creates top assessment delivery and information collection solutions for studying environments. Is engaged and committed to generate educational technologies much more cost-effective and advance.

Turning will enhance its brand strength with the integration of eInstruction’s proprietary merchandise, which includes the award-winning Insight 360 classroom instruction method, ExamView® assessment application and Mobi interactive whiteboards. The integration of these two firms will support Turning Technologies continue to diversify its customer-driven options, accelerate strategic growth and further differentiate the firm from other industry providers. Founded in 2002, the firm began with the development of response technologies that was inexpensive, user-friendly and better documented so that users could very easily grasp its benefits.

As an alternative of turning to us and saying so what did you notice?” and staring at a sea of blank faces, Wiley posed a series of clicker inquiries directing our interest to what he wanted us to focus on: The mixing of musical genres (rap and pop) and the importance of the geographical references in the video (New York). The report confirms that Turning has grown for the seventh-consecutive quarter.

With Moment to Moment, which I believe is only obtainable in the ResponseWare version of Turning Point, a live graph displays of student responses and how they change. Turning will enhance its brand strength with the integration of eInstruction’s proprietary merchandise, including the award-winning Insight 360 classroom instruction technique, ExamView® assessment computer software and Mobi interactive whiteboards. As a 1st step, you can verify if the batteries in the Bluetooth device have charge.… Read the rest

Clickers (Also Student Response Program)

There are a lot of ways to formatively assess what students comprehend about a topic. Turning Technologies produces top assessment delivery and information collection options for all kinds of learning environments. Together, the organization provides instructors and participants application, response keypad technology, mobile interactive whiteboards and powerful enterprise-primarily based administrator tools for effective studying. Following a welcome from Michael Broderik, CEO of Turning Technologies, the day opened with a keynote presentation by Professor Eric Mazur, whose ground-breaking teaching strategy of ‘peer instruction’ has brought him international recognition.

He discussed how he developed peer instruction during the early 1990s as a response to the issue of the transmissive nature of standard lectures, generating lectures more interactive by placing students at the centre of their studying and thereby fostering a deeper level of understanding. The concurrent session was my own presentation on using personal response systems in the arts and humanities.

Meanwhile, in the room subsequent door, Professor Mikel Asensio and Dr Elena Pol discussed their use of personal response systems inside museum research. As a resolution, their institution has taken to using private response systems to stimulate their guests’ interest in their collections as effectively as to collect essential demographic data about them. Most studies focus on the usefulness of clicker technologies in huge-lecture settings.

In the final breakout session of the day, Professor Lars Bjerrum explained how individual response systems may be used to illustrate various approaches to the diagnostic procedure in common practice (as distinct from the diagnostic method inside the context of a hospital). Turning Technologies develops leading assessment delivery and data collection options for understanding environments.

Next door, Daniel Clark discussed e-learning approach at the University of Kent in relation to the use of private response system technologies, which was piloted there 5 years ago. This event was a wonderful instance of how our Response Program can be utilized to produce instant feedback and spark really meaningful discussions in your event.… Read the rest

Clickers @ UMD

A student response system, also identified as clickers, is a wonderful tool for supporting active finding out in your classes. You should total this setup method ahead of your class is opened and offered to students, so students will be prompted to register their clicker when they initial log in. Till the device is registered, you will not be able to import student info. When you click on the Administer hyperlink in the Turning Technologies block, you will see a complete list of who has registered, as properly as a menu at the best for importing sessions, exporting data, and purging device IDs.

Please note that students ought to register for All Classes if provided a option, and that we are not utilizing Responseware at this time. In addition to common clicker attributes, ResponseCard NXT provides sophisticated capabilities such as cell-phone style text entry for brief answer and essay concerns. Verify out the Clicker Assessment to find out a lot more about the process utilized in chosing Turning Technologies as the officially supported clicker of OSU. The instructor poses queries by means of a slide in the course of the lecture and students respond by getting into their answer on their clicker device.

Clickers, also know as audience response sytems are wireless hand-held devices utilised to conduct student participation in the classroom, usually to credit attendance and measure understanding. The device transmits the entry to a receiver attached to the instructor’s laptop which gathers and compiles the information into a chart. Additional data on TurningTechnologies award-winning computer software and devices is incorporated on the company’s polling software and response devices pages. Click the Login button to preserve the settings and begin the ResponseWare session.

The students acquire confirmation of their answer submission through a green LED light (3 second duration) on the face of the ResponseCard. Following submitting an answer, the device will go into a sleep mode in order to preserve energy. Nonetheless, the device is active and ready to be utilised at any time to respond to an active poll question. All devices are currently programmed to channel 41. Each ResponseCard clicker is powered by a pair of coin cell CR2032 (three. volt) lithium batteries. The RF receiver permits instructors to get responses from the TurningTechnologies ResponseCard clickers.

LED lights on the device indicate regardless of whether the unit is active and receiving responses from the ResponseWare clickers. Textbook Services is responsible for checking out clicker hardware to faculty and students. Students needing to get a clicker for a class will require to go to Textbook Solutions to verify out the device. If you expertise troubles with a clicker for the duration of the course of the semester, receive a replacement from Textbook Services. Students engage using a ResponseCard clicker to pick from a set of several selection possibilities.… Read the rest


Clickers can be needed in courses exactly where faculty use them to take attendance, poll or quiz students, or get student feedback on comprehension of course material. The ResponseCard RF LCD (only utilised for polling) will price the student roughly $42.65 for new clicker at the campus bookstore and $32.00 at the Turning Technologies website. NOTE: If a student has a ResponseCard, they do not also need to buy a ResponseWare license. If you would like to attempt utilizing the clicker in your class this semester, you can request an instructor kit at the following link: /instructorkit The instructor kit comes with a clicker and a USB drive that has the software program on it and it also acts as a RF (radio frequency) device.

Below is a list of step-by-step instructions that you can print to help guide you or your students in employing Turning Technologies clickers. They can support you get the clicker registration set up for your class and they can show you how to get the clicker grades into Blackboard. More info about this clicker is offered at the Turning Technologies internet website. Please enter your GT account (e.g, gtg123h, or jsmith34, not the 9-digit number) into your clicker as the user ID.

Log on to , go to your course internet site, click Clickers on the left menu, and you will see directions on how to register your device there. Your clicker ID can be located at the bottom on the back of your clicker, for example, Device ID: 0DB23C. Georgia Tech does not have an institutional subscription license for ResponseWare. If you choose to make the purchase, please verify TurningPoint ResponseWare Purchase on how to acquire ResponseWare and the pricing info. Right after you acquire the license for utilizing ResponseWare, you will receive an email with your license code and instructions on setting up an account for using the application.

Soon after you set up the account, you will be given a device ID. You need to have to register your ResponseWare in T-Square with this device ID. If you can not find it in the bookstore, speak to Turning Technologies for getting. Alert: The license fee is included when you purchase a new clicker from the University Bookstore. To register an older clicker, a Turning Account scratch-off card is needed, available for obtain from the University Bookstore. Note: In some courses, you might need to have to click Tools on the left and then click Turning Account Registration.

Press a corresponding crucial on the clicker to submit an answer to a classroom clicker question. Some faculty members enable students to use the ResponseWare mobile clicker app nonetheless, to use the app, students are still needed to buy a clicker license. ResponseWare is an app for iPhones , iPads and Android that can be utilised in spot of a clicker where there is enough Wi-Fi coverage. Students can also access ResponseWare in a Web browser To join a classroom clicker session using ResponseWare, students … Read the rest

Turning Technologies Clickers

This How-To guide describes the approach of utilizing the Turning Technologies Hardware Updater application to update massive groups of clickers requiring a firmware update. A $100 Windows CE netbook is reportedly promoting briskly at CVS drug shops in the U.S. The Sylvania device contains a seven-inch, 800 x 480 pixel screen, a 300MHz Through VT8505 processor, 128MB of RAM and 2GB of flash storage, plus 802.11b/g wireless networking, according to its manufacturer. The Sylvania netbook mimics more costly netbooks with characteristics such as three USB 2. ports, an sd slot, and audio I/. Digital Gadgets cites 802.11b/g wireless networking, and adds that the device contains stereo speakers. Some of the other reasons are corrupt device drivers, defective hardware and software program conflict.

Like the Smartbook 7, which, we’re confident, came from the identical Shenzhen-primarily based supplier, the Sylvania device is mentioned to incorporate an 1800mAh battery. The device is stated to include additional software such as Windows Media Player and Wordpad. Although not properly documented, these CPUs seem to be versions of the ARM9-primarily based Prizm 8510, announced final year by By means of subsidiary WonderMedia Technologies. Based on the type of laptop and private preferences, USB, Pc Card, ExpressCard, or even PCI card adapters can be utilized.

WonderMedia Technologies bills itself as a fully owned subsidiary of Via Technologies that is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with teams in Shenzhen and Beijing, China, and Silicon Valley, Calif. The sign-up method involves supplying credit card info on-line or by phone and selecting a service program. The first step to be accomplished in case your Bluetooth cursor is not working is to add your device to your pc once again.

The ‘On’ button on the wireless mouse may well be quite small and you will want to use a paper clip to reach it. After turning each the devices on, restart the computer. Drivers are essential for any hardware device to effectively communicate with the Operating program and Wireless mouse is not an exception. This student response technique is developed to support engage the pc generation.

By connecting a laptop to external monitor, you can also verify if the problem is with the screen, motherboard, driver or video card. Due to the durability supplied by Flash cards, considerably of the equipment employed in digital photography still utilizes Compact Flash Memory card. Micro SD cards have replaced Mini SD cards as they offer you the exact same storage space with the identical speed, but in a smaller card.… Read the rest

TurningPoint Clickers

All University of Georgia faculty, staff and students are eligible under the terms of an agreement by Center for Teaching and Studying (CTL) to set up Turning Technologies software program on each state-owned and personally-owned computers for activities associated to instruction or analysis. If there are speakers, cell phones, fluorescent lights or any other such device about the laptop, take them away from the laptop. If there are no visible damages to the screen and the cables seem to be connected fine, then check the video card of the laptop. If the screen appears fine on the external monitor then the video card is fine, but if the problem is visible even on the external monitor then the problem is with the video card. Replacing the video card in a laptop basically means replacing the motherboard, given that the card is constructed in the motherboard. Following a series of R&D by Toshiba, ScanDisk and Pansonic, Secure Digital card or SD card was created.

This is one particular of the regions exactly where the SD card scores over SDHC cards, as it is compatible with any device that can host any kind of SD card. However, ahead of purchasing a higher class SDHC card for your device, you require to check the transfer speed permitted by your digital device. Nonetheless, if your device is out of warranty, you will need to buy a new device.

It would be a total waste to use a card that can transfer information at the speed of 10 MB per second but have a device that supports a transfer speed of just 2MB information per second. Windows should detect your Bluetooth device while you hold the Make or Break button, right after which you can release the button. It is critical to make certain that no other wireless device situated nearby has the same frequency.

Right after that pick the boxes which says alert me when a new Bluetooth device desires to connect and Enable Bluetooth devices to connect to this personal computer. Also take away any cables or external device connected to your laptop and most importantly do not panic but adhere to the precautionary methods. If the liquid spilled is plain water then harm can be very easily avoided by swiftly taking of all power from the laptop and turning it upside down, but in case the spilled liquid is a carbonated drink, it would slowly corrode the components of the laptop. But if you want to get rid of your video card to install a greater 1, you will need to know how to set up it.

You can do this by initial aligning the card on the slot and then slowly push the card in. Make certain that the card is securely in and then use the screw you saved earlier to safe it to the case. You can then set up the driver for the video card from the CD that you got with it. Restart the computer and now … Read the rest