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Inside the World of 3 Dimensional Printing 3D Printing defined. 3 dimensional or additive manufacturing is a method of making three dimensional solid objects from a cyber file. The making of a three dimensional object is attained through the use of additive processes. In an additive process, an item is produced by laying down successive layers of materials until the entire item is created. You can see the layers as very thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the object being created. How does three dimensional printing work?
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It all initially begins with making an artificial digital design of the object you want to produce. This artificial simulated imitation of a design is done through a computer program called Computer Aided Design, or is also known by others as CAD, file using a program specifically for 3D modeling in order to create a new real world object or with the use of a special 3D printer to copy the form of an existing object. A three dimensional scanner forms a 3D artificial copy of an object.
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3D scanners utilize various technologies in order to produce a 3D model such as volumetric scanning, structured or modulated light, time-of-flight, and many more. Not long ago, many different Information Technology companies such as Google and Microsoft has enabled their hardware products to perform three dimensional scanning, an excellent example of this is the Kinect that was created by Microsoft. It is an evident sign that the incoming future hand-held devices such as smartphones will have three dimensional scanners integrated in them. Imitating real world objects in order to become digitalized and turned into three dimensional models will become as simple as taking a picture. The prices of three dimensional scanners range from very costly professional devices used for industrial purposes to do it yourself 30 USD devices that almost anyone can create at home. In order to set an artificial digital file for printing, the three dimension modeling software has to “slice” the final object into hundreds or thousands of layers horizontally. Layer by layer, the object can be made once it has been uploaded in a three dimensional printer. The three dimensional printer interprets every slice or 2 dimensional images and makes the object, blending each and every layer with hardy distinguishable signs of the layers, which as a result comes the three dimensional object. Techniques and technologies Three dimensional printers do not always use the same technology. There are many different ways to print, and all of those available are additive, varying initially in the ways on how the layers are built and done in order to build the final object. A few processes utilize the softening or melting of material in order to create the layers. SLS or selective laser sintering and FDM or fused deposition modeling are two of the most common technologies that use this way of printing.