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Canada gets a new premier Arctic drilling is cancelled and two new Ebola instances identified in Guinea. There are plenty of names of events and dates and specifications of timeline according to the geologic timescale referenced in my hub to confirm what I am talking about if you feel so inclined to investigate additional. Great luck with your quest for truth and acceptance, you want to move beyond your own belief and appear at the planet, perhaps come to realize why we disagree with you, what science is about.

You try to avoid facing the fact all gods are simply irrational creations of the human mind.. any person who desires to hold a rational view and show some understanding of organic science can’t come along with the bible and begin speaking religious BS! Subjects which are in element also covered by a branch of science.. but not the exact organic sciences! Organic science is NOT the study of all items physical – that is referred to as Physics and is only a small portion of it! Just as I’ve stated all through, there is more to the story than what natural science alone can clarify. Yes, contemporary science only created not too long ago, but it shows us what has always been.

Natural Science the SCIENTIFIC study of all issues Natural – from Nuclear Physics to Micro Biology and every issue in among – which you are basically not in a position or willing to see.. and considering that you have no grasp of neither all organic forces, organic forms of power, etc. You look particular, even though it might be decades or even centuries soon after you and I are gone, that science will in the end prove the conscious mind to be just as organic as everything else.

Take a handful of simple science courses, particularly in Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology, History Pre-History and Paleontology… they have fundamental courses for all those areas. But the labs that show you things functioning the way science says they will is very critical to at least observe. I assume this means you see some glaring errors in my perception of our present scientific understanding, yet you give me no specifics.

You yourself say you see absolutely nothing wrong with my understanding of earth’s history according to modern day science. I am not sure how precisely you figure the events described in Genesis are not significant. Yes, humans were the intended audience, so the events described relate to what humans are familiar with. Those mass extinctions were just some of the several events that led to the eventual animal life that that exists during our time. The earth would not have retained an atmosphere until it reached roughly 40% it is present size.