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Augmented reality is a new feature that is getting added to newspapers to take readers beyond the printed page. In these time of technologies altering and proliferating so quick, altering buildings, phones, cars, networking, communication, behavior, thinking, Well being, studying, political thoughts and conceptions, it is tough to hold up with all the alterations taking location, but noting a couple of regions that technology is effecting and affecting, we can have a peek at the window into the future and maybe better prepare ourselves to live and survive in it.

This is what several believe and consider they know that techhnology is undertaking poor for the, althought the nay-sayers are short in their responseswhich I sense a bit of a bias on the colectors of these responses, nonetheless, at time specialists and scholars use higher-flown jargon to explin a basic factor like how technology affects and effects its users.

Reflecting this emphasis on delivery and access, and especially blurring the standard urban-rural divide, GovTech 2015 has highlighted 4 crucial thematic tracks: Partnering for service delivery to develop a much better South Africa Driving transformation by way of Government ICT demand Connecting communities and Financial growth by means of empowered communities.

My vote is for very good old style of reading because I don”t like to miss ,the basic pleasures like touching the crisp paper,when your eyes are strained ,the prospect of closing the book and roll over the eyes on book cover,style,glancing the back of the book ,and holding your favorite book in hand and staring at it with amazing feeling are not achievable in contemporary technologies.

The complete new point of Blaming the Victims of Apartheid on the World wide web, is another a single of the numerous abuses that Africans have to endure, and the globe, by means of the Planet Wide Internet, have to listen to. Articles like this one particular,are written with the History of Apartheid in thoughts, and the new media below the ANC-led government,and attempting very tough to show the differences and progress that has been created therefore far, and but appears to be plodding down the exact same road as Apartheid’s muzzling of the media.