Speco Technologies Dvr

Speco Technologies DVR-4TN/160 Triplex Digital Video Recorder with Network/DDNS Video Server, Discover full details about DVR from IP Camera Provide, LLC. Speco (unfortunately) is amongst those producers that call for you to set up an additional software package on your computer just to be in a position to access and plan its IP domes. You also have to be connected to a router or network switch that will give a generated DHCP address to permit the computer software to search and uncover the IP camera(s) on the system. I went to Speco’s Internet website to get a telephone number for tech help even so, when I chosen help I was presented with an E-mail form letter to fill out and send in. Now I could understand this if it had been an soon after-hours sort of predicament this was 10 a.m. on a weekday.

Taking into consideration I got the camera straight from Speco I automatically had visions of Catch 22” in my mind. Soon one more automated voice came online and I found I was in fact in the tech help queue. I attempted the installer software program again, and lo and behold it found the camera that time. I attempted to capture a JPG image from the Speco software but each and every time I attempted nothing at all appeared to be saved so I made a screen capture of my Net browser. The Speco OiMD1 Intensifier IP camera is a compact and nicely constructed camera that performs properly in daylight and much better than typical lighting conditions.

We have 36 items for Speco four-channel like Speco Technologies Pbm30 Amplifier,30w,contractor 2kju4, Speco Technologies D4cs500 Dvr,channels four,500 Gb 14u247. The Specs: The LS DVR comes in 8 and 16 channels with hard drive storage capacity ranging from 500GB to 6TB. These new Intensifier IP® cameras are the newest addition to Speco’s high definition portfolio.

If you’ve effectively implemented this remote manage functionality of your Speco Technologies DVR unit with a Slingbox, please leave a comment below so that other individuals will know you’ve found this guide beneficial. The Skinny: The Amityville, N.Y.-primarily based firm Speco Technologies third release of its new S-Series line of DVRs utilizes a total suite of EZ networking applications and mobile platforms.

Extra characteristics contain Mac and Computer compatibility application and the potential to send text message alerts of system activity and status. Options: The LS DVR is designed to meet the requirements for a range of surveillance applications ranging from the specialist government industry to retail and education facilities. Speco Technologies does not cease communicating right after our items go out the door.