Speco Technologies 16 Channel VS 960H Digital Video Recorder D16VS1TB

Speco Technologies’ Configurator enables for the set up the following Speco DVR and IP camera models: RS, WRS, HD, TH, TL, WM, ONSIP DVR Units can be configured. Patented wall mount DVR solutions ideal for tiny footprint installations and enclosed in covert lock box, are just a handful of factors to see what is new at Speco. The SPECO CVC-627 operates on the NTSC Television scanning method, and consists of a standard BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) video output. Browse our huge choice of Speco Technologies Products and far more at Cost-free Shipping on Thousands of Items!

Beneath is a picture of Jim, Steve, Nolan and Jim testing a 1000 foot roll of coax, despite the fact that the cameras and DVR are rated for up to 1500 feet, and the outcome was amazing. This internet site need to not replace the use by you of any technical product manual or other professional resource or adviser offered to you. Plug-and-play HD network video recorder for use with up to 16 Speco OnSIP/VIP/ZIP cameras.

Networkable hybrid DVR for both IP and analog cameras (up to 8). Provides real-time recording at 30fps/channel. Speco Mobile for iPhone and Android makes it possible for you to view reside and previously recorded video from the Speco DVRs. Speaker w/Transformer & Volume Manage, Ceiling, General Height (In.) three-1/5, All round Width Speco Technologies Spg86tc Speaker,transformer And Volume Handle.

Speco technologies weatherproof loudspeakers for with constructed in 70v 70v & 25v volume controls (attenuators) & transformers. The camera can be controlled with the controls on the camera itself, or you can download the free camera app that is accessible for most smartphone devices. Speco’s RMX16CD 16 channel color duplex multiplexer makes it possible for viewing of up to 16 image sources on a single screen, even though simultaneously recording full screen pictures on a VCR. Speco Technologies (6) Tannoy (9) TeachLogic (1) eight-inch, two-way, complete-range FreeSpace Surface Mount Speaker, 70V, 40W @ 8 Ohms, Black.

For over fifty years we at Speco Technologies have devoted ourselves to providing the most current innovations in closed circuit video surveillance and electronic accessories, as properly as the highest good quality audio goods for residential and commercial use. Speco Technologies has been servicing the safety business in the U.S. and Canada for over 50 years.