Some Cars Feature Innovative High-Tech

With many advanced technologies developed in the automotive industry today, it is no wonder that lately many emerging luxury cars with sophisticated technology. For lovers of automotive luxury cars with advanced technology has become a dream of its own that may have had. But there are also some people who make this ultimate car as a lifestyle that is priceless. For those of you who are not able to do not be discouraged, because you can do a loan in installment loans, so you will be easier to realize has a dream car.

On the other side of the car has also become a social status that can be measure the value of life. So do not be surprised if many people are vying to increase their social status by having the most advanced cars with new models which it is not likely to be owned by ordinary people. And as we know well the car is also one of most vehicles in the interest of many people, especially the cars of today are already quite sophisticated and modern.

But to have an advanced car in the world is not cheap, because every car in the world most advanced is usually in the Arm with the most advanced technologies in the world has ever seen. Meanwhile, a car entered in the car category the most sophisticated in the world usually at a price tag exorbitant. Besides the cars are also usually produced in limited quantities. That is because the level of sales which is difficult given the car has a very fantastic price.

Now the auto industry and the technology has reached a high standard. Now the car is not only a vehicle, but with a touch of the latest car technology has become a vehicle that has a myriad of features with advanced technology.

Several companies have applied high technology in their production. Here are the advanced features available on the car and you may not know.

  1. The laser light

Unlike lasers that you know, now light the car was equipped with laser technology that has a lot of light.

Even the light is said to be two times brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs, but far more energy efficient than LED lights. BMW i8 series has equipped cars with this laser light.

  1. Support night vision lights

Laser light is pretty good, but the technology is much better night vision. BMW, Mercedes and Audi now offer cars with such features.

With the support night vision in the headlights, then the driver can detect pedestrians and animals at night or when it is dark.

  1. Control system with motion

Volume buttons and switches may be too old-fashioned, now with motion sensor technology belongs to BMW, you can control the music player and other features with just a movement.

  1. Automatic Parking

You have a parking space was cramped and difficult to get out of the car when parking? Quiet, automatic parking technology will also equip the car next few years. Currently Tesla has given a new car with this feature.

  1. Rearview Cameras That Use

Cadillac placing the camera in the car and show the conditions of production for the state in the rearview mirror. Of course, this technology is very helpful because it allows 300 percent of the area around the visible and reduce blind spots around the car.

  1. Equipped with WiFi

Internet now becomes very important to connect with the world and work. Now GM cars, BMW, Audi provides the facility with 4G LTE network support.

  1. Airbag Affairs

Usually the safety of driver are preferred by the airbag in the dashboard of the car. But unlike Volvo, in addition to providing airbags for the driver, they also provide a car outside the airbag.

This allows the airbag to the safety of people who are around, if at any time it hit a pedestrian airbag will serve for the safety of people who get hit.

  1. Car Unmanned

Apple, Google, and some automotive companies have developed technology of unmanned car that can drive itself. It said if a car with high technology will be marketed in 2020. You do not have to bother anymore to drive if it has this car.