Software That Are Used To Spy The Mobile Device

Nowadays people used to get addicted towards the mobile phone. Even from little children to old age people everybody likes to have their own mobile phone with advanced features in it. They feel that it is very difficult to live without using the mobile phone. Even though the mobile phone provides a lot of good things it can also spoils its user. The users have to carefully use the mobile phone without distracted by the bad things.

About The Use Of Spy Software

People started to use their mobile phone for only communicating with others easily. Due to the advancement of technology in smart phone they can do various other things also apart from communicating. It serves as a multipurpose device which can be used for calling, messaging, taking pictures, watching images and movies, browsing internet and also for playing games. Even though it provides these types of uses they can also be used for bad things. To monitor the mobile device activities of another person they invented the mobile spy software. This software can be used by parents, companies and also for the personal use. Parents use this spy software to monitor his underage son or daughter. The companies use this software to monitor its employees mobile regarding the information security. While the individual person use this software to monitor his dear ones.

Various Features Of The Spy Software

The spy viber is a type of mobile spying software which has lot of features and uses. It can spy various things in a mobile. This spy viber works well in both android as well as iphone mobiles. Installing this spy application to a victim mobile is very easy. It can be installed in both hidden and normal mode. In hidden mode once it is installed in a mobile it will not show any notification. It hides in the mobile so that the victim cannot able to detect it. It constantly sends the victims activity to the webpage, on which the user can login and view that information.

It not only monitors the content on the victims mobile, it also sends the exact location of the victim using the gps on the installed mobile. Using this spy software the user can view both group and single chats on messaging applications. He can listen to the audio messages and profiles of the social networking websites. It can also help the user to view the deleted messages.

Installation And Price

Installing this software to the victim mobile is very easy. The users have to download the spy software and install it in the mobile. Installing this spy software is an illegal one except in certain cases such as monitoring underage child by his parent etc. The users have to pay for both software and also for monitoring the mobile. They have to pay it monthly which costs less than other spy software. They provide three types of plans to its users such as Standard, premium and gold. The price and features varies according to the plan which they selected. Gold provides the user with the maximum number of services while the standard provides the minimum service. They also give certain amount of discounts to its user. Here they provide free trial for two days so that the user can check whether it is functioning properly or not.