So What Is Technology Integration?

If you are creating digital posters with a tablet or mobile device then try these free of charge apps- Canva (iPad), Buncee Pro (iPad), Thinglink (iOS & Android), Pic-Collage (iOS & Android), Tackk (use on any tablet through the browser), Glogster (iPad), and Grafio (iOS). The intersection of the lines divides the entire range of technologies into four categories, which I’ve somewhat unoriginally marked with the 1st four letters of the alphabet. It really is also attainable for a technologies that remains reasonably priced, and participates in a technological suite that is nonetheless capable of meeting genuine needs, to tumble out of category A into 1 of the other individuals. Many are so dependent on digital electronic technologies that they neglect their all-natural talents.

That sort of analysis, triage, and salvage is among the most needed tasks of our time, particularly for those who want to see viable technologies survive the end of our civilization, and it’s becoming actively hindered by the insistence that the only achievable optimistic attitude toward technologies is sheer blind faith. In reply to suites of technology with varying levels of staying power that is 1 of the causes why I’ve spent such a long time finding out the ins and outs of gardening and am now finding out about the ins and outs of farming. I reckon there is an inherent failure to contemplate complete systems in our society’s pursuit of science.

Harnessing the photosynthetic capacity of plants is the primary foundation of all other technology be it fire, horticulture, medicine or building. But perhaps some type of technologies involving organic semiconductors and nanolithography could be cobbled collectively to make smaller numbers of less-dense processors and memories. We don’t have the wisdom to know which bit of technology we leave to them could be the poor seed of some thing that could curse the individuals of the future to repeat the very same destructive technological cycle that we so foolishly adopted.

Humans, like any animal, will adopt any resource or technology that gives for their immediate needs, and they will not care about any advice or warning from the individuals of this failed civilization. I hold that it would have been far better if all of the science and thought of Classical civilization had been wiped out fully and not brought back in the course of the late Middle Ages to contaminate the simple Christian civilization that existed from about AD 600-1000.

I think it was the formation by religious authorities of the first universities that began us on this path of science and the ensuing destruction. Hopefully, what ever religious physique guidelines the future will be smart sufficient to stick to reading their holy books and will destroy any technology that is beyond the rudimentary level. For some cause these posts about technology and the inevitable response that we’re gonna maintain this or that far fetched technology irk me far more than crazy political/religious tirades. But probably there will be some other technologies suite that all of these tiny lenses can alleviate a bottleneck in.