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6 Top Advantages of Unlocking Cell Phone

It is one thing to debate about the appropriateness of an unlocked cell phone and it is another to enjoy the benefits of one that has been reconfigured by a professional. Here are 6 top reasons why you should consider unlocking your cell phone if the carrier you purchased had locked it.

The principal reason why mobile carriers lock smartphones is to make sure that subscribers only use their costly services. So, using a locked device means that your call costs will always be higher than those incurred by someone who uses an unlocked device. After you unlock your device; it will be possible to pick a phone network provider that offers the most affordable call costs. Network service providers are cunning because they price the locked phones unbelievably cheap, making it hard for unsuspecting customers to pass up such offers. What many consumers don’t know is that such seemingly attractive deals are often costly in the long-run.

It gets worse with international trips because these devices cannot work if you travel to a country that is not served by a particular cell network provider. In such a case, you will have to pay ridiculous fees to your home mobile provider to be allowed to use the device in that country. It is possible to avoid such problems by unlocking such a handset since you will only purchase a SIM card in your destination country and enjoy calling others.

An unlocked device is easy to dispose of and also fetches an attractive price. Also, finding an international buyer is quite easy if your smartphone is not locked because it can be used anywhere. Also, it is possible to give it to someone as a gift even if the recipient uses a different mobile network carrier than you do.

A locked device comes with software locks that prevent you from adding anything to the pre-installed settings and applications. By unlocking the cell phone, you will have the ability to customize the device in whatever way you desire. Many locked devices come with bloatware that uses up a lot of your phone’s storage, slowing the working of the phone and making it impossible to download the stuff you enjoy.

There are heavy contract termination fees that accompany the loss or total damage of a locked phone. Things are worst if the contract is its early stages because the charges are highest. Well, that is not the case if you unlock the device since all you will do is purchase another cell phone with the cash you could have paid as contract termination fees.

The process of unlocking a handset is simple and cheap since it is based on IMEI unlock technology where codes issued by manufacturers are used. Your warranty will not get compromised since the cover of your phone will not get opened. Also, the fact that no hardware will be touched or software installed means that your smartphone will not risk getting damaged.