New Technology Trends In 2014

Technologies is the electric machines and systems that most individuals use day-to-day. The technology of mankind in the age of acoustic space, the technologies from which writing, print and telegraph created, was speech. The adjust that we are witnessing due to the fact of the take-over of Technopoly and its transformational conditioning which is persistently galvanizing anomie and enslavement of man by and through Strategy, Technology and Technopoly.

Our environments swirl within the orb of technologies and we morph from analogue to digital atmosphere. With each new technology and approach emerging and merging with itself and hauling us along, we grow to be dependent and conditioned to the new way of communicating inside the newly developed atmosphere. To address this, I think that technology will bring advances in biotechnology, bringing increases in crop yields with drought and illness-resistant plants that are genetically tailored to balance the ecosystem in which they are planted.

And the interconnectedness offered by technology can be employed by aid organizations to swiftly receive much more accurate data on region situations, thereby making their aid efforts much more efficient and effective. Lastly, I feel we will also see advances in the use of technology for regime modify. A single of the principal functions of school is to teach youngsters how to behave in groups.

Offered the efficient use of smartphones, Twitter feeds, and youtube uploads for instantaneous communication and documentation for the duration of the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, I consider that we will see increases and advances in the use of technology in regime modify. Increasingly, technologies will play an crucial function in preserving cognitive function.

Folks who have been oppressed for as well long, who have been deprived of the standard freedoms needed to have some sort of happiness will follow the instance of the Arab Spring nations and will use technologies to degrees unimagined to alter their governments. The controlling regime will fight back of course, but improvements in wireless technology coupled with people’s wish to live totally free will win out. As far as Bowman is concerned, the is a noble use for technologies to promote human very good and development.