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Years ago, technologies in the K-12 classroom was an added bonus, with the centerpiece being a shared classroom pc. I have blogged extensively about flipped understanding and the effect this has had on my main classroom and I know we can take this model further throughout the school. As well many instances in schools we see technology introduced into schools and the teacher employing the technology to advantage them, rather than the students. Sugata Mitra, the professor of educational technologies at Newcastle university talks about the capability of kids to absorb information from computers with no guidance at all from adults. In my experience this element of the classroom is the most important – the kids require to trust you to enable them to take dangers to understand.

I currently have 1:1 iPads in my classroom and I’ve been trying difficult to knock the novelty factor off them and reduce them down to what they really are – just an additional tool for learning. These are just concepts that have been flowing round in my head for a while now and some I hope to put into practise at some point in the future. Technology will be a part of our classrooms no matter whether we like it or not and the faster we uncover methods to fully understand how this will become seamless and almost unnoticeable in our classrooms will be when the learners start to advantage from the technologies, not the teacher.

Since implementing our iPads in the classroom we have been busy experimenting with how they can assist us generate fascinating and individualised content material. So it really is been four weeks considering that thirty iPads arrived in my Year four classroom and our 1:1 iPad adventure began. I genuinely have observed the advantages of obtaining 1:1 iPads for this as they have a record of their own overall performance.

So final week I wrote my initial weblog post around my expectations for introducing 1:1 iPads into my classroom. I was amazed when I say a couple of young children producing these videos during a maths session this week to support other folks in the classroom – how powerful is that! I often uncover it exciting to speak about pedagogy when considering about embedding technologies into classrooms. I’m also writing another post for Teach Principal about utilizing Edmodo in your classroom.

I have every confidence that the children will continue to use the technologies themselves, but it’ll be intriguing to see how the adults in the classroom adapt their style of teaching and if the reluctant youngsters, who would not pick to use an iPad, adapt. The iPadagogy Wheel is some thing I’ve tweeted about a lot of times and something that will drive my method to using this new technology in my classroom.