National Assistive Technology Technical Help Partnership (NATTAP)

ATRC is a nonprofit whose mission is to hyperlink folks with technology and empower people by way of its use. In general, research has shown that technology infinitely enhances and assists in special education environments (Sherod, 2012). Additionally, the iPad itself comes equipped with several accessibility choices to assist users with visual impairments, hearing impairments or dyslexia (, Beneficial to every person, 2012). The KATS Network serves as the Assistive Technology Act Program for the State of Kentucky.

What is genuinely needed is the teacher’s will to try to implement this assistive technology and incorporate it properly into the lessons. There might be other troubles developed by the iPad nevertheless, none are damaging enough to get in touch with for the banning of its use in the classroom. Nevertheless, this does get in touch with for an education in the use of the iPad educationally ahead of actually incorporating it in the classroom.

In conclusion, this literature evaluation went by way of many of the pros and cons of the iPad in the general education and special education classroom. An education in the uses of technology in teaching is really significantly needed in numerous schools and specially in Lebanon in order to allow teachers to make better calls on the makes use of of assistive technology in the classroom. Finding out and Use of Technologies inside High School Specific Education Classrooms Minnesota, USA: Southwest Minnesota State University. Hardware such as prosthetics, attachment devices (mounting systems), and positioning devices, pencil holders.

Assistive technology is used in education, employment, healthcare, residential homes and domestic settings. IEnvironmental handle systems (ECS) e.g. door openers, curtain and blind openers, remote lights switches, control of Television, DVD etc, some built in AAC devices. Education or technical help for professionals (including people supplying education and rehabilitation solutions), employers, or other men and women who provide services to, employ, or are otherwise involved in with people with an identified disability. Any child from ages three-21 who requires special education and associated solutions need to have an IEP in location.

An update of the Men and women with Disabilities Education Act in 2004 ensures that unique needs kids are capable to stay in a normal classroom. There are also instances exactly where the youngster may possibly need to leave the classroom for specific services such as physical, occupational or speech therapy. Right after the proper information has been gathered, it will be determined for what type of particular solutions your kid qualifies.