Mr. Whitaker’s 7th Grade Life Science Class

Auroras can occur practically anyplace on Mars according to new data from NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft which is orbiting the red planet. These events in our history that Genesis depicts are not just some randomly cherry-picked events that kind of sound correct. These events that line right up with the Genesis timeline prove to be the crucial events that led to the formation of several modern day civilizations. Whether or not or not you purchase the God aspect of the story, what’s becoming described, each creation and the key events of mesopotamian history, are accurate and that need to be recognized. The only way they do agree with science is if we twist them to the point of being unrecognizable as the Bible any longer.

I never ever mentioned something about a God becoming present, just that the actual events as described are supported by proof. These events are described by scripture as issues a god did if you wish to say these descriptions (like the god) are supported by evidence…nicely, you have to show a god to do it – concrete proof of that god, not just the biblical description which does NOT support a god. Chemistry and biology are not my forte, but it sounds like you are really knowledgeable.

Only a tenuous connection to organic events and happenings that do not need a god to be true. But this story did not stick around like it did, didn’t survive every single and each and every era in each and every age because, due to the fact it really is BS. These events actually occurred. The shock waves of those events can nonetheless be noticed all over the landscape, like ripples in a puddle of water. With my distinct religion you can believe in science , the huge bang and dinosaurs.

Just my opinion of course, but science is largely theories, Huge Bang theory, the theory of evolution, just theories not confirmed information. I suppose that this has been so due to the fact science is concerned with matter, even though religion bargains with spirit. These events have verified to be the important events that led to the formation of these first civilizations. Events do not come about except by way of movement, and movement can’t come about with no space/distance.

What you never seem to get is not only are there events that mirror the events of the bible, but the very issues we must anticipate to see if some of the a lot more fantastical components of the story actually occurred are there as nicely. Therefor there can be no ultimate beginning, only beginnings to specific events or conditions like this universe, your birth, and so on. Once again, like the question of what is outdoors the universe or what was before time as we know it, such concerns as: is there a conscious god, are rather meaningless to science as we have no way of testing to find out by definition.