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ROLLA, Mo. – The campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology was evacuated late Wednesday morning after a gas principal break on campus. In the 17th century, males of science went the opposite way, possessing discovered from Francis Bacon that scientific truths are found bit by bit that mutual overview and correction aids additional progress for all. Extremely intriguing Hub on science in the 17th century James, and thank you for introducing me to some pioneer scientists that I had never heard of before.

Simon Stevin put forth a convincing case that his program would universalize measurements worldwide, facilitate trade, and give a frequent technique of calculation and measurement for science. I locate it interesting that they were typically men of faith and therefore contradicting the well-known belief that science and enjoy of God never mix!!!!!!!!

Johannes Kepler, born in Germany, was a devout Christian (a passionate Lutheran) who was motivated to study science by his belief that God had created the world according to an intelligible program that is accessible through the natural light God granted human beings: the power to purpose. The private charm of Marin Mersenne produced his monastery the center for science in Paris and he helped make Paris the intellectual center of Europe. Much more important in the history of science is that he was at the center of a network of mathematicians dedicated to the exchange of ideas, discoveries, and information. Interesting how science and religion inter twined, often for excellent and often not.

My favorites have been Johannes Kepler who believed that science confirmed biblical truth and Queen Christina was a fascinating character. Previously the earliest submarine that really worked I have come across was a prototype for the Yank navy during the American Civil War. Please share your preferred Missouri LGBT resource or stories of how an LGBT organization has helped you or a person in your life.

Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to attaining complete recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay males, bisexuals, transgender folks and those with HIV by way of impact litigation, education and public policy function. The students came from 3 schools: Bill Greehey School of Company, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and College of Science, Engineering, and Technologies. Nearby is the Miami University VOA Finding out Center with special programs, and the Ronald Reagan Freedom Park.