Lucent Technologies Ripping Workers Off?

Lucent Technologies, the US’s biggest manufacturer of telecommunications gear, plans to lay off 15,000 to 20,000 workers by the finish of this year, in addition to the 24,500 it had announced earlier this year. In the occasion that the deal moves forward, numerous beneficial technologies owned by ALU will surely have restrictions placed on them. What is fascinating and revealing is some of the locations exactly where this ‘crossed-out-cross’ symbolism shows up: On the floor styles in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican…and also as the logo symbolism for Oral Roberts University (about which I have further comments a bit later)…among other locations.

If you ever decide to study a lot more deeply on the JFK assassination…extended story quick, this was primarily 1 household (especially the leader of that household) standing in opposition to a quantity of other Syndicate families. What makes this additionally ominous is that, in what would be an apparent show of split character, he has openly denounced the Freemasons and any Masonic activity, in a number of statements. The New International Version, for instance, has a big quantity of unexplained missing verses.

Bank of America’s logo is a subtle tribute to Masonic occultism, with the 3 11’s adding up to 33…the ultimate Masonic number. I had earlier pointed out the Double Cross of Lorraine symbolism on the Nabisco logo and the Exxon logo. AT&T, Lucent and Motorola will contribute their markup language technologies to the development of the open VXML specification. 1 instance of a voice-enabled application is a salesperson dialing into a corporate intranet from any telephone and using conversational interaction to obtain genuine-time order status information. Tahun 1992 Proctor & Gamble akhirnya memutuskan untuk mengubah logo mereka yang controversial itu.

On September 24, the Court of Appeal for the Second District heard oral argument in Lucent Technologies v. State Board of Equalization.1 The situation ahead of the court was whether or not telephone switching computer software is exempt from sales tax beneath the statutory exemption for technologies transfer agreements (TTA”). The SBE also argued that despite the fact that the TTA statute known as for a transfer of intellectual property correct, no meaningful” rights have been transferred here, just the mere correct to use” the home.

The taxpayer, on the other hand, asserted that Lucent and Nortel had been practically indistinguishable and that the SBE’s try to limit the TTA exemption to transfers of meaningful” intellectual home rights is not supported anywhere in the statute. Lucent also noted that the SBE warned the Legislature that it would broaden the exemption for software program by enacting the TTA statutes, and the court asked SBE counsel about whether this truth supported the taxpayer’s read of the statute. Taxpayers who have computer software claims pending will nonetheless be left asking yourself how the SBE will implement the Lucent selection if it is favorable to the taxpayer.