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Alcatel-Lucent combined 2 entities — Alcatel and Lucent Technologies — which shared a common lineage dating back to 1986, the year Alcatel’s parent firm, CGE (la Compagnie Générale d’Electricité), acquired ITT’s European telecom enterprise. AT&T Technologies has separate market-focused enterprise units to manufacture and sell customer products, network systems, technologies systems and information systems. Lucent was currently a big company 127 years in the making at AT&T, it maintained seven different item groups.

AT&T Technologies branches into numerous company units, like AT&T Network Systems, AT&T International Organization Communications Systems, AT&T Microelectronics and AT&T Consumer Products, which later combine with Bell Labs to grow to be Lucent Technologies. Lucent Technologies launches its separation from AT&T with an initial public supplying, which is at the time the largest ever on the New York Stock Exchange. Jeong Kim becomes 11th president of Bell Labs and Lucent signs a multiyear contract with Sprint worth more than $1.five billion.

Alcatel announced a deal to increase its shareholding and transfer its satellite subsidiaries, its railway signaling business and its crucial safety systems domains to Thales, a crucial player in the French defense industry. Announced plans to acquire all the assets, such as all intellectual property of Canadian metro WDM networking supplier Tropic Networks, Inc.