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A Quick Guide to Network Cables and Wires Unless you constantly want to be installing new voice and data network infrastructure, you should take some time now to determine what type of network cables and structured wiring strategies will serve your company well for the years to come. For you to take on this task it will be important for you to consider the short term and long term needs, you will want to look at the technology advancements, corporate working environment, and cost of network maintenance. This will take some time and the assessment requirements will need to be an orderly process. Before approaching a cabling contractor, you will need to identify what exactly you need to have running right at that moment. Think about this in terms of how many workers and workstations your network will need to accommodate. This includes phone service support and lines as well as what features you will want the network to have and support. Bandwidth is another thing that you will need to think about when deciding your network infrastructure. Ideally the network will allow for real time responses so you can make sure your staff has everything to manage all of their tasks quickly and efficiently. Do not make the assumption that the network you have today is going to be the best network for you a year from now. In that year your business could have a significant increase in volume. You need to think about your business forecast when you speak with different structured cabling contractors and cable installers. What you really want is a data cable network that has the ability to be expanded as needed, while at the same time creating small amounts of downtime for all functions. If you are able to do this on the front end, it will make the expansion in the future relatively painless.
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Your industry or business could change quickly. Your industry could shift and this would affect how your business would run. For example, your business might recognize that audio conferencing is no longer adequate for your investors and customers. If this happens to your business you may see a greater need for more internet based communications. If you were thinking ahead when you had the network infrastructure installed, then you would be ahead of this trend and the only thing you would need to worry about is how to get your employees trained in the new forms of communication. This will be a fairly easy and cheap change to make with your business, instead of having to do a complete overhaul of your network infrastructure.If You Think You Understand Products, Then Read This