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The Process of Using Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes test strips are used at home and they are used to monitor your blood sugar level. These test strips are made of plastic. The end of the strip is white in color and it is coated with dehydrogenase and glucose enzymes. There are two machines which are found on the test strip one which is the size of your palm where the strips are found and the other one is smaller and has a needle in it. You can be able to test your blood sugar level using the smaller machine by injecting any of your figures. After getting the blood sample you will place the end of the strip which has already been inserted in the monitor on the blood and you will remove it after hearing the beep sound. The beep sound allows you to know that enough blood has been corrected for reading. The machine will produce another beeping sound to alert you that it has finished reading your results. The range of 5.0 and 7.0 is the normal blood sugar level. Anything above this level or below this level means that you will need to check your blood sugar level regularly and take the results to your local doctor. These strips are cheap and they can be found in all the pharmacies.

If you will be testing your blood sugar level regularly, then you can buy urine test strips which will work better for you. These strips will not produce a beep sound but they will change color. To check if you have diabetes, you will compare the color you will get on the strip with color chat at the back of your container. Urine strip test is very simple and the urine strip is white just the machine strip. You will only need one or two minutes to test your blood sugar level where you will deep the strip in the urine sample and then remove it. The color of the strip will start changing and you will be required to compare color of the strip with the color chart provided on the back of the container. If you don’t like blood and injections you can use the urine strip. If your results are higher or lower than the three middle colors for more than a week, then you should take the results to your doctor for medical assistance.

If you find yourself with diabetes, you should not worry because the doctor will give guidance on what to do. Your doctor will advise you on how to take a healthy diet and how you can lose weight.What I Can Teach You About Strips

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