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Water is not only a precious resource, it is also an expensive resource. What seems like a small leak can add up to a lot of water and a lot of money very quickly. That is why you should always address leaking taps. They are generally really easy to fix. You can do the repair yourself or you can call up a plumber to fix the leak for you. Here are a few common causes of leaky water in your house and what need to be done to fix them.

Leaky Faucet Heat When The Water Is On

One common place where water tends to leak if from the faucets. When you turn on your faucets, water should not leak out below the head of the faucet. If it does, then the o-ring on your faucet is probably damaged. In order for the leak to stop, you need to replace the o-ring. Over time, the o-ring can become damaged. When soap comes in contact with the spindle on your faucet, the soap can reduce the grease that is on the o-ring. The o-ring needs some grease in order to stay functional. Just using your faucet every day can result in wear and tear to the o-ring. Replacing the o-ring will save you lots of money in the long run based on money saved from water that is not wasted anymore.

Leaky Faucet Head When The Water Is Off

If water tends to leak from your faucet even when the water is turned off, you have a different problem. You probably have a damaged washer. Washers control the flow of water through your taps. It allows water to go through the tap. Over time, the washer inside of your faucet can disintegrate or become damaged. When this happens, the washer can no longer control the water flow, causing water to leak even when the faucet is off.

If your faucet leaks when the water is on, the o-ring in the faucet is damaged. If your faucet leaks when the water is turned off, you probably need to replace the washer in your faucet. A plumber can come out and quickly perform these repairs for you, saving you time and money in the long run. Learn more about plumbing repair at http://www.plumbermelbourne4u.com.au/.