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The Library is pleased to arrange a seminar with Thomson Reuters to introduce how to locate citation details of journal articles, develop citation reports, uncover h-index, and analyze research trends with the Net of Science Citation Databases. But it became clear pretty soon that not every thing submitted was match for publication and criteria for admission have been created, despite the fact that journal articles have been initially not regarded as definitive publications, as the mature research results would still finally be written up in monographs1. Take a appear at his list of bestselling kids microscopes and see for oneself just how far they’ve come!

At the moment, the number of scientific articles published per year seems to be growing fairly continually inside the order of 4 to six percent. Publishers do not improve the quantity of scientific articles scientists do, driven by ‘publish-or-perish’ and performance criteria, but basically just carrying out what they are anticipated to do and what they are paid for.

In practice, this is likely to imply articles written by effectively-identified scientists from English speaking nations, especially the United States (for that is where a major market place will be identified), and from universities or investigation centres with resounding names, or businesses with deep pockets which are willing to sponsor the publication. The first thing to let go of is the quaint thought that your science must speak for itself. A 2015 PEW poll of AAAS members (scientists and other folks) found that 47% had employed social media to follow or talk about science.

Second is the worry, nevertheless rife amongst scientists, that the act of communicating research beyond institutional walls puts your reputation at danger for the Sagan Effect” or, in more current pop culture terms, that you are going to turn out to be the science equivalent of Kim Kardashian. A potential range is illustrated in this figure from a PLOS One particular study seeking at reader responses to 16 articles in the pain sciences disseminated using social media.

With a lot of a lot more of your peers going to social media to push out their newest work, the status quo of a single-way science communication will no longer suffice. Use key words incorporate methods, disciplines and related fields, institutions, journals, ailments or occupations that relate to your science. To track how properly you happen to be undertaking at each, check out Article Level Metrics (ALMs), which measure influence in terms of views, downloads, comments, citations and media coverage for each and every of your articles. To grow to be a component of this fast-developing culture of decentralized assessment of scientific research, try using Twitter to share your (abbreviated ) feedback on new articles.