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The Anti-Federalist belief was that by means of the integrity of state sovereignty, effective restraints would be in location to hold the national government from deteriorating into a despotic government thus protecting the liberties and freedoms of the individuals. Nevertheless, even though the Anti-Federalists would be completely appalled at the current size and scope of the military force in spot, there is small proof that the standing army that the country enjoys has been a devious tool of the Federal Government. A demand by the basic population for Federal intervention in regions from retirement to well being care to welfare has required an enhance in federal income.

But there will always be conspiracy theories and suspicions about the use of the military to consolidate power in the Federal Government to the point that Americans will shed their liberty and be lowered to living under a despotic government. The Anti-Federalists would again be horrified by the way factors are run right now in regards to the Federal Government.