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Existing Science Group — the parent firm of open access publisher BioMed Central — has changed its name to Science Navigation Group , successful from 1st January 2006. Science Articles for Little ones – Includes science current events about the Sun’s magnetic poles changing, tourist in space, a two-toned lobster, Kepler telescope discoveries and our science newsletter for children. Science Current Events – Sun’s Magnetic Poles The Sun’s magnetic poles switch polarity after every single eleven years. Current Events in Earth Science – Space Tourist Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two (SS2) flew over the Mojave Desert in California on September 5, 2013. Children Present Events – Two-toned Lobster A rare two-toned lobster was caught off the coast of Maine.

Science Inventions The first navigation system was developed for captains sailing in foggy situations to maintain ships from colliding in the fog. Youngsters Science Newsletter Our Cost-free science newsletter is published each month for the duration of the school year. Usually these articles will give you concepts for papers as properly as lead you to the original sources and study. The China Every day : tells about the development of science and technology in Asia.

USCG Science topics: U.S. government website which gives numerous sources and details on science subjects such as atmosphere, climate, organic hazards, natural sources, ecology, environment, oceans, geology, water resources, planets, plants and animals. You can find out the most present arguments on scientific and health-related issues when you look by way of current problems of key newspapers and magazines.

The New York Occasions Science Section: includes specific sections for Atmosphere news and Space and Cosmos. BBC Science : Consists of each articles and videos about several current events and scientific discoveries. Offers details of how China is functioning with Africa and other creating nations to improve wellness and science. American Cancer Society Analysis and Statistics : Discover present info about cancer, remedy and research in the analysis guide section of the American Cancer Society.

National Several Sclerosis Society Study: explains the study programs supported by this society as properly as current study progress, intriguing possibilities for the future and clinical trials. Has news articles and the most recent info about natural resource use, wildlife overall health and climate alter. I really like the notion of encouraging everybody to continue to publish outstanding articles.