How To Use Technology To Stay Organized

Technology can be a huge distraction but if used correctly it can be a great tool to increase productivity. This productivity is on account of having a tool like a smartphone with the ability to organize nearly every detail of someone’s daily routine. A smartphone will even take you on the path with the least traffic when navigating so it even saves you time on a daily basis. The following are different areas of your life that technology can help you stay organized.

Fitness/Health Organization

A workout notebook can be a great way to chart growth but there are plenty of apps that can do the same thing. If you are training using percentages of your maximum weight this software can calculate how many reps you should be able to do as certain weights. From a health perspective you can calculate your caloric intake easier than ever and even compare foods nutritional values before deciding what to eat.


Those who have quite a few meetings or calls a day need technology immensely. Missing a meeting or a phone call can automatically lose a client or at least leave a client feeling like their business isn’t important. A corporate calendar as well as notes on a mobile device can have you on the moved as well as prepped for a last second meeting. The fact that responding to emails is easier than ever makes staying organized and on top of your work a breeze.


If you have trouble staying on track when completing tasks a smartphone can help you. You can set alarms for breaks rather than being on your phone constantly. Coupons used through apps are quite easy and can reduce the clutter that you have on your person. There are also plenty of shopping apps that allow you to look for deals rather than having to scour the local paper.

With Kids This is a Must

There is so much to get done especially if you have a few children. These children might have different clubs or teams to practice with on a daily basis. Keeping all of these schedules organized is easier than ever as the entire family can find an online calendar to coordinate on. This will allow you to see when children need rides or to be picked up in an organized format. There are alarms that can be set so you’ll never forget something on the calendar again. These calendars can be updated on the cloud so changes in plans can be communicated very easily to the entire family.

As you can see technology can impact nearly every part of your life if used in the right way. Technology can also be a distraction so limit your use for pleasure to outside of your work day or when you are trying to  get something done. It is important to use technology but not to rely on it completely unless it helps you be more efficient.