How Are Preservice Teachers Employing Technology In The Classroom?

Over the previous handful of weeks I have been working with teachers from other neighbouring schools on purposefully integrating far more technology into our teaching. The technology the students could use for the other three assessments formats (open-ended, overall performance-primarily based, and project-primarily based) could be blogs , wiki , Skype, podcasts, voice thread and digital story board. Preparing the action strategy, making rubrics, deciding on the right assessment to use, and integrating technologies with all the lessons, is a daunting job for just a single teacher. By monitoring my GAME strategy, I am able to integrate technologies into my content location instruction. Technology also assists in functioning by means of the procedure of establishing, implementing, and evaluating my individual GAME plan.

Students would post a reflection on their assignment on the classroom blog , they would create a voice thread with photographs of artifacts that they may well have collected for this assignment, and finally Skype with an individual who is knowledgeable about their topic to get any unanswered concerns resolved. Students could also post issues about their project on the classroom blog so that peers could help each other.

Steps taken so far incorporate the creation of a classroom weblog and wiki The blog would be a excellent location for student’s reflections, while the wiki would be for students to collaborate on their perform. Being a technology enthusiast, I often included technology in my lesson plans and constantly saw an improvement in student’s functionality. By taking these actions, I plan to use technology to facilitate experiences that advance student studying.

C. Teachers market student reflection employing collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, preparing, and creative approach (International Society for Technology in Education). Evaluate: Students are evaluated by posting a reflection about their understanding experience on the classroom blog Blogs can be utilised to obtain instructional goals. Integrating technologies across the content places: Promoting Self-Directed Studying With Technology DVD.

B. Teachers exhibit leadership by demonstrating a vision of technologies infusion, participating in shared choice generating and neighborhood developing, and creating the leadership and technologies abilities of other folks (International Society for Technology in Education). My objective is to aid teachers who are not really confident with technologies and perform with them to boost their abilities.