History Of The 20th Century

Welcome to the Muhimbili University of Wellness and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) Library Weblog. I’m one of these with a science degree who despises politics simply because it signifies I often encounter Dunning-Kruger sorts on the left and proper who rail against science that is dissonant with their fing moronic ideologies — ideologies they cherish more than reality. The period of 1950-1970 has been marked as a ‘phase of proliferation’ of Hindi science writing as ample amount of literature connected to numerous newer branches of science started appearing in various publications.

Critics have a tendency to agree that contemporary phase of science writing in Hindi started around 1970’s with the publication of great top quality science books for academic institutions. Throughout 1980’s science fiction writing also got an impetus with the efforts produced by Indian Association of Science Fiction Writing (IASFS) which promoted performs of science fiction writers like Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’, Zeashan Haidar Zaidy, Kalpana Kulshrestna, Bushra Alwera, Dr. Arvind Dubey, Manish Mohan Gore, Arvind Dubey etc. With the passage of time science writing has genuinely diversified itself into many sub genres in Hindi language as well.

For example common science writing has now completely established itself as a conspicuous and distinguished subgenre of science writing but still today it is typically mistakenly referred to as science writing only. It is indeed science writing but a really special kind of science writing which aims to have a direct rapport with frequent folks.

As a matter of truth science writing in common is a type of very specific type of writing and is practiced and understood by a very restricted audience i.e. by scientists only. On other hand well-known science writers make their writings extremely lucid and easily understandable by even a common man. The science writing of yore also adopted a new lexicon/term of ‘science journalism’ and later as science communication.

So in our humble opinion common science writing ought to never be designated as merely ‘science writing’ but science writing of a really distinguished kind and have to often be labeled clearly as common science writing. But there is once more a need to have to make a demarcation in amongst ‘ science communication ‘ and ‘popular science communication’. It is heartening that Hindi science writers have lately started to realize such nuances and subtleties of the subject. Has also funded such programmes through National Council for Science and Technologies Communication (NCSTC) and Vigyan Prasar.