This web page includes information on the TurningTechnologies software program and devices that are utilised by instructors and students to produce, present, participate in, and report on interactive sessions. Safe login and file encryption guarantees information is safeguarded although supplying flexibility and access from a number of areas. Handheld devices enable learners to offer beneficial input and instructors to capture essential information with intuitive response possibilities. Use this lightweight application application to produce and deliver new or existing assessments using ResponseCard NXT and/or ResponseCard XR devices.

Handle and produce reports primarily based on information collected by a ResponseCard Anywhere handheld device. ResponseCard Anyplace Desktop is translated for English, Netherlands Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian and Spanish. Latest version shifts application to a subscription-based licensing model by means of the Turning Account, which simplifies and secures all options offered by Turning Technologies in a central unified account system. Outcomes from response devices are immediately collected with a receiver and tallied from all internet sites.

Our latest release, ExamView Assessment Suite v10 (Computer and Mac), has moved to a subscription-based license by means of a Turning Account. Users are required to log in to their Turning Account to access and use ExamView Assessment Suite v10. Download ExamView Assessment Suite v10 below and contact sales (1-866-746-3015) to acquire your license.

ResponseWare makes it possible for participants to respond via the Web through any net browser and quickly transfers selections to TurningPoint polling software. Utility used to update the firmware on ResponseCard NXT, ResponseCard XR and ResponseCard Anyplace devices. TurningPoint Lite Plus is a new add-on for Intelligent Notebook® that enables the use of Turning Technologies student response systems.

The WorkSpace Connect app on your device performs in conjunction with WorkSpace software installed on your laptop, giving you a remote desktop with access to your lessons, content material and tools. The WorkSpace Connect app needed the full version of WorkSpace application installed on your desktop laptop or the connection with Turning Technologies gear.