Healthcare Laboratory Science Plan

Technologies of the future is going to bring bionics crashing into society, drastically changing day to day life. Accredited Professional Organization – Refers to a national organization, recognized and accredited by the Board, as authorized by the Expert Regulation Commission, beneath which all registered healthcare technologists whose names seem in the roster of Medical Technologists of the Expert Regulation Commission automatically become members. The B.S. in Medical Technology Degree Program at Purdue University Calumet is a three+1 program.

Code of Professional Ethics – Refers to a set of standards relating to the conduct, integrity and moral duties of healthcare technologists as prescribed and promulgated by the duly accredited specialist organization of healthcare technologists, with the approval of the Board. Capabilities that are correlated to decrease pay, on the other hand, consist of Phlebotomy and Healthcare Terminology.

Medical Technology may possibly also refer to laboratory investigations on animals in relation to veterinary medicine and agricultural purposes. Medical Technologist – Refers to a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology (Healthcare Labordtory Science) or Public Wellness who is duly registered with the Skilled Regulation Commission and is certified to practice Medical Technology.

Healthcare Laboratory Technician – Refers to a particular person certified and registered with the Board as certified to help a healthcare technologist in the practice of Medical Technology as defined under Republic Act No. 5527. The Board shall discontinue the registration of medical laboratory technicians under Republic Act No. 5527 upon the effectivity of this Act. Provided, that Medical laboratory technicians registered under Republic Act No. 5527 shall sustain their status as registered medical laboratory technicians.

Offered, further, that a registered health-related technologist occupying the position of a healthcare laboratory technician shall be rendered an suitable position and be reclassified as a healthcare technologist. Technical Panel in Medical Technology Education – Refers to the Technical Panel in Medical Technology Education reconstituted or organized below the Office of Applications and Standards of the Commission on Larger Education.