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So you or an individual you know has been convicted and stuck with a felony charge. The Government will need that all enterprises over a particular size (however to be determined) have a written security and well being policy that has been discussed and communicated to workers, and supported by sensible rules to make sure that the policy is applied in practice. Despite the fact that this was wise investment policy from the standpoint of the folks concerned, it did not lead to balanced industrial improvement from the standpoint of the nation. Nonetheless, industrial production showed excellent progress, notably in cotton textiles and sugar.

For the purpose of advertising these industries of national significance for which private enterprise was not forth-coming, the Pakistan Industrial Improvement Corporation was established in January, 1952. Hence disparities had been created in the development of different regions and the parts which later came to constitute Pakistan lagged behind in industrial improvement. The meager industrial endowment of the regions which constituted Pakistan at the time of Independence was evidenced by the reality that out of the 14569 industrial units in British India in 1947, only 1406 were positioned in the locations incorporated in Pakistan.

To place the industrial policy in to operation, an advisory council for industries and a number of advisory committees were appointed to take into account development in certain industries. To a large extent the industrial development of current years has been guided not by a cautiously worked out extended range approach, but by a series of ad hoe decisions based on what seemed most necessary and expedient at the time.

Even though as yet no complete index of industrial production is available, a partial index based on the production of 17 industries, mainly customer-goods industries, and utilizing 1950 as the base year equal to one hundred, shows an enhance to 350 in 1955. Collectively these three groups accounted for production of a vale of about 2570 million rupees out of a total large-scale industrial production of about 3410 million rupms, or about 75 per cent of the complete.

We have been impressed by the truth that the excellent majority of plants that were established were soundly conceived, and the resulting industrial structure is powerful and solidly primarily based. In established lines as a lot more industrial capacity is installed, the days of automatic profits will pass, and competitors will start to force the attention of businessmen towards escalating efficiency and lowering rates. Have not created any estimate of the most likely degree of shortfall in the industrial sphere.