Google Penguin Reinvents Web Marketing and Enforces New Penalty Detractions

Google’s penguin and panda updates have been formidable obstacles and changes for tech-savvy marketing agencies. Google penguin is not a bad thing necessarily. It simply forces change, and the variety of marketers that have been working with patterns and consistency have been forced to reinvent their approach. It has done some great things that have limited miming tactics and morally gray systems of audience expansion. But it has caught up some companies and brands that were playing it fair, but were unfairly hit with a huge penalty. Fortunately, there is an option for these brands. Google has a penalty recovery platform. If a penalty was reported against a website, the owner can report it and have the claim reassessed.

So what is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin was a huge update to Google’s search engine algorithm that was designed to discredit content holders that were artificially valuing their content. This could include stolen content, paid for backlinks, and other elements. The pain aspect of Penguin was keeping quality firms at the top of the rankings. These companies were using organic methods to obtain a following. This has been Google’s largest single update to date.

So what does a penalty entail?

So Google cannot really put anyone in jail, of course. A penalty, in Google terms, is a poor ranking for keywords. For example, a company could be ranking number one for ‘wheatgrass benefits.’ But if the company was using stolen content or breaking Google Terms of Service, they would rank very far for this keyword, despite where they were ranking before the penalty. A penalty is provided to any brand cheating the system in some capacity, and the update sifts data and finds areas where companies seem to be gaining artificial traffic or rising immediately to the top.

How does a webmaster respond to a penalty?

As mentioned above, Google offers an intuitive answer for this. The official page asks for what happened in detail and the type of penalty provided to a website. Google will then review to see if the penalty was accurate or reliable. Penalties can absolutely be lifted from google penguin changes.