Good Technology Officially Withdraws IPO Soon after Blackberry Acquisition

BlackBerry is now the official owner of Good Technology soon after the Canadian smartphone manufacturer revealed that it has completed the acquisition of the latter. Subsequent: MobileIron, which is also burning via money at a ferocious rate, except that it is currently gone IPO and is now down 62% from where it issued and has noticed revenue growth largely stall even though net revenue is declining even further into the red. I s this acquisition an attempt to get u out competitors or is there a technological reason. The all-money acquisition is anticipated to close in late November, at the finish of F3Q.

IT people in the US told me that BES did not have a great way to handle applications for multiple platforms. Also, with Good Dynamics, they were attempting to construct greater EMM suite compared to BES12. Is lacking couple of functions and now, I am excited to see how mixture of Excellent and BES12 will appear like. Not most likely.. it’s two separate softwares.. just due to the fact BlackBerry purchased them does not imply the good software program will assistance BlackBerry devices tomorrow or ever.

If they preserve the very good software program alternatively of stripping it for components and they choose to further develop it to consist of bb10 you’re searching at at least a year ahead of that occurs. I feel the best news about this acquisition is that from a revenue viewpoint it decreases BlackBerry’s reliance on devices. Great is ideal known for its mobile email container technology and security capabilities, and usually battled against BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) for some of the exact same EMM turf in highly-regulated industries.

The acquisition is a sign that BlackBerry is progressing in the EMM space, said Denny Bono, IT manager for American Crane & Gear Corp. The acquisition is further proof of BlackBerry’s attempts to transform from a hardware manufacturer to a application and services firm , and possibly that the company’s finances are turning about after a number of years of losses. This time, the Canadian smartphone maker has acquired former rival Good Technology , which gives safe applications and containerization.

The organization, which has placed increasingly heavy emphasis on securing all major smartphone platforms as portion of its enterprise, mentioned that Great has an OS instal base consisting 64 % of iOS devices, followed by Android and Windows. Carl Rodrigues, CEO of Mississauga, ON-based EMM provider SOTI – which competes with BlackBerry in this space – mentioned that the acquisition comes at a time when a single business is struggling financially while the other fights to keep relevant. Great serves far more than 6,200 organizations, including more than half of the Fortune one hundred.