Facebook makes it easier to comment as Page on other pages

A very useful Facebook feature for community managers is the option to switch between your personal profile and the profile of a page when you post or comment on Facebook.

On your own page, you want to post as the page (so your post will be distributed in your fans’ newsfeed), and probably also comment as your page. However, there are times when you would like to answer your fans in a more personal way, using your own profile. A response from a person, rather than a brand, can help you to give a more human and real image. This is something I do very often, especially if I personally know the person to whom I am responding.

Responding to your fans using your profile person is a great way to ‘humanize your brand’

Before, this was a Facebook function “all or nothing”, where you had a blue strip at the top of the page that allowed you to switch between your page or your personal profile for anything you wanted to do on the page. Along with the development of the era, feature “like” on Facebook become very vital, because anyone who has a business and use Facebook as a means of promotion will definitely need a lot of “like”. The more “like”, the more interested people will be to buy the product. Along with that also then emerge a business that can help you get many “like” by using services: Buy Facebook status likes.

The new system is more flexible.

Each post on your page has a small icon in the bottom right where you can see the account you are using to comment and, by clicking on it, you can change accounts in a second. These options are specific to that post, which means you can choose to comment on a specific post with your personal profile without affecting other actions you are about to take on the page.

This is more practical. With the previous system, I had to switch to my personal account to respond to the comments. I forgot that it had changed, then I spent 10 minutes creating a message just to notice, when it was already published, I was using the page “as myself” and the message that took so long to assemble, I had to delete it to re-publish.

The benefit of the new feature does not end here, there’s more!

In fact, that little icon not only appears in the publications of your page, it appears in any publication of other pages. This allows you to comment or post on someone else’s page with your personal profile or as a page that you manage with a single click on the icon.

In order to comment on another page in the name of your page with the old system, you had to go to the configuration menu to choose “use Facebook as your page”:

Not only was this feature hidden, but it was also an “all or nothing” option. That is, once you changed to using Facebook as your page, everything you did on Facebook was going to be in the name of the page. It was very tedious to constantly change between your personal and page profile!

With the new system, you will be able to see a small flag icon in the lower left corner of the page posts, just a click on the icon and you can comment on the post as your page or as yourself. This option is limited to that publication.

Now you can comment on another Facebook page as your page with a simple click on an icon

Facebook started announcing this new feature this week, you might have seen this:

Why is it a GREAT feature?

Commenting and giving “Like” your page on other people’s page can be a great way to create brand awareness among your colleagues and build (or reinforce) relationships with brands or influencers that you would like to work with. This may be the best way to get into your radar without being intrusive with persistent messages that may not respond. Not just a feature “like” that is contained on Facebook, but also there is a video that can be viewed by anyone. Therefore currently there are also services that can improve the views of videos you upload, for fastest way please check Buy real facebook video views.

Commenting and giving ‘Like’ your page on other people’s page can be an excellent.