Existing State Of Medical Technology

As someone who has been transcribing as an health-related transcriptionist for over 30 years, I can inform you that it is a dream job in numerous approaches. Phlebotomist – Refers to a holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology (Health-related Laboratory Science) and who has passed an examination for Phlebotomy provided by the Board of Medical Technology of the Skilled Regulation Commission. Recognized School of Medical Technology – Refers to any college, college or university which delivers a program in Medical Technology (Health-related Laboratory Science) authorized by the Commissipn on Greater Education upon the recommendation of the Technical Panel in Medical Technology Education or its equivalent.

The Chairman need to have a Masters Degree and must have at least fifteen (15) years of expertise as a health-related technologist, which includes at final ten (ten) years of clinical laboratory practice. He need to be actively practicing his profession as a medical technologist at least five (5) years prior to his appointment. A Member of the Board must have at least ten (ten) years of knowledge as a medical technologist, including at least five (5) years of c1inicaJ laboratory practice. He should be actively practicing his profession as a medical technologist, at least three (3) years prior to his appointment.

The Chairperson and the Members of the Board shall not, in any way, be professionally connected with the faculty of any Medical Technology college or evaluation center for at least three (three) years prior t6 their appointment. Offered, that the Board could adjust, add to and get rid of from the list of subjects or weights above as progress in the science of Medical Technology may call for.

Every applicant who has satisfactorily passed the required examination for all medical technologists shall be issued a certificate of registration. The duly registered medical technologist shall be required to show his certificate of registration and Skilled Regulation Commission identification card in the place where he operates. Ought to a medical technologist fail to surrender his certificate of registration inside the stated period, the Board may possibly disqualify him perpetually from the practice of medical technology. SECTION 24. Accreditation of Schools of, Medical Technology and of Education Laboratories.

SECTION 19. Reissuance or Reinstatement of a revoked or suspended Certificate of Registration, – The Board may possibly reissue a revoked certificate of registration upon the application of the medical technologist whose certificate of registration was revoked. Boston is property to an above-average pay price for Medical Technologists, 12 percent greater than the national typical.