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Often we remind ourselves when asked queries about curriculum, or why we teach particular subjects, that we teach pc science and not just computer programming. When in control of a situation we feel clearer and make much better decisions lack of handle makes us anxious, causing us to urgently and instinctively seek out patterns to make sense of issues (identifying a lead to-and-effect pattern in a sequence of events) so that we can regain a feeling of control and comfort in knowing what’s going on, and even develop predictions for the future.

Believers in spontaneous creation of life (creationism) who deny evolution usually try to discredit evolution by pointing out missing links” in the evolutionary chain”, ignoring the many transitional fossils and other evidences of evolution which science is currently conscious of. They then use this gap” in the fossil record as proof that God designed humans and other species.

Mathematician John Nash (topic of the book and film, A Gorgeous Thoughts) whose operates in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations changed the face of science and won him a Nobel Prize, was a schizophrenic whose potential to uncover brilliant scientific patterns unnoticed by other people also contributed to his placing collectively of, and giving meaning to, delusional patterns that weren’t truly there.

He is chairman of the Royal Institution of Australia, the Australian Science Media Centre, the Faculty of Business and Economics at Melbourne University, the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Shared Worth Project deputy chairman of Asialink and director of the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology at UNSW, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the NHMRC Centre for Personalised Immunology at the ANU.

Ken Miller is one of several examples of members of the scientific community that as you say ‘know what science is and can apply scientific thought’, however buy into the identical ‘mythology’ I do. In other words, they’ve confirmed capable of pondering the way you maintain insisting I am unable, but have not reached the same conclusion you insist I will if I just got my head straight.