Entertaining Ourselves Into Technological Slavery

Radical technologies around the world might quickly overhaul the field of disability and immobility, which affects in some way more than a billion people around the planet. Technology entrepreneurship and the resource-primarily based view of sustainable competitive benefit are interdependent due to the fact they are both concerned with how to develop and capture value. While technology entrepreneurship applies to any firm with projects that rely on advances of science and technology, the resource-based view applies to these couple of firms that are continuously productive. The technologies entrepreneurship domain and the theory of the firm are interdependent via the specialized people and heterogeneous assets committed to a project for the goal of producing and retaining worth for the firm.

The proposed definition emphasizes the importance of technology entrepreneurship in enabling specialized men and women to develop combinations of assets and their attributes in order to generate and capture worth for the firm. The factors that technology entrepreneurship needs a firm are similar to the factors why an entrepreneur wants a firm described by Foss, Klein, and Bylund ( 2011 ). Over the last four decades, technologies entrepreneurship has turn into an increasingly important worldwide phenomenon.

Technology entrepreneurship appeals mainly to leaders and leading management teams of tiny and huge firms who use technology to produce, deliver, and capture value for their stakeholders. The Technologies Innovation Management Evaluation is published below a Inventive Commons Attribution 3. Unported License Authors retain complete copyright to their person works.

Technology entrepreneurship also appeals to personnel of regional economic development agencies that attract investments in productive technologies and talent to a certain geography. The main function of technologies entrepreneurship is to assemble a mixture of specialized people and heterogeneous assets in order to generate and capture value for the firm by means of collaborative exploration and experimentation. In this article, the literature on technology entrepreneurship was classified into eight themes.

The literature search revealed that most of the articles on technologies entrepreneurship appeared in journals not regarded to be in the technologies innovation/entrepreneurship domain. A greater definition of technologies entrepreneurship can help increase its overall performance, improve its relevance, and establish it as a legitimate domain of inquiry in its personal proper. The aspects of technology entrepreneurship to which we require to pay distinct consideration are identified.