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Owing to the voluminous perform and the require to meet up with buyers demand in the banking business, most banks have created and adopted the use of high-tech electronic devices such as computers for far more efficient solutions. The concept of Personal computer technology and Internet technique has transformed the entire universe into a international village. The banking industry should not be left out of the innovation in data technology for a much more efficient management with the advent of computers, banks offers varieties of solutions which range from automatic teller machine, on-line or network services and automatic credit card solutions. Buyers also have the opportunity of withdrawing or depositing cash out or into their accounts anywhere in the planet.

With all these points, the significance of info technologies in the banking section could not be over-emphasized. It is extremely clear that the new wave of technology doing virtually each and every activity in the globe is information technologies. So to hold them update wit newest technology Blackberry loved ones has launched its most recent edition named BLACKBERRY BOLD.

The convergence of computer systems and telecommunication soon after about four decades of applying computer systems to routine data processing, mainly information storage and retrieval has designed a new development epoch exactly where details has become the engine to financial growth in the world. The building economics seem and acquisition of updated details technology that will provide consumers a wide option of transactions.

Dr Okafor (2000) emphasized that data technology has wounded the horizon of banking practices and charged the nature and economics of banking as effectively as the competitive atmosphere in which bankers operate info right now means energy and indeed prior information means wealth. Bill gates (1996) emphasized that the application of info technology in banking operations has helped management effectiveness. At 12 weeks, we could see Emily’s FACE clearly, on technologies from 14 years ago.

With the advent of information technology in the Nigerian banking environment, transactions has turn out to be amazingly quick whilst at the same time providing instant reconciliation and close to error totally free responses, the storage and retrieval of information from data base make the processing of customers account simpler. These new banks found that the evolving technologies at the international level could be applied to a higher advantage in the Nigerian economic landscape.