DRS Technologies

Information offered on this internet web page is aggregated encyclopedic and bibliographical information relating to the named institution. Moreover, to accommodate logistics management and instruction troubles, on-site assistance at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA, and other CONUS locations is essential throughout the contract duration to support handling of logistics and instruction needs in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the expected triple boost in assets.

Work will be performed by the company’s DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems – Optronics Division in Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL and by DRS’ Infrared Technologies Division in Dallas, TX and Irvine, CA. The firm has not too long ago expanded production facilities and operations in Florida and Dallas to meet the continuing and increasing demand, and expects to be generating and delivering in excess of 1,000 systems per month by the end of the year.

The contract was awarded to DRS by the US Army’s Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) in Fort Monmouth, NJ. The manufacturing operate for this contract will be achieved at the company’s DRS Optronics facilities in Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL and DRS Infrared Technologies facilities in Dallas, TX. Deliveries of light, medium and heavy thermal weapon sights, thermal imaging module alternatives and spares are expected to commence in September of 2004 and continue by means of March 2009.

The complementary naval marine sophisticated HED motor drives are designed and constructed by DRS Power and Manage Technologies in Milwaukee, WI. With high efficiency functionality at full and part load, these systems can give substantial fuel and upkeep charges savings, along with operational flexibility, when incorporated into a ship propulsion technique.

When an finish user sees a solution with a ‘Powered by DRS Technologies’ accreditation, they should be immediately assured that the OEM has chosen infrared imaging components that have the distinct positive aspects of DRS’ unmatched thermal image top quality,” says Todd Brown, senior director, worldwide sales and advertising, DRS Industrial Infrared Systems.